coup d'etat

Sick of silence, of passive masses.
Educate, resist and take control.
To live a life in fear of changes is to not live at all.

– Coup D’etat, Refused.

oh for gods sake

“”A 12-year-old Indian girl committed suicide after her mother told her she could not afford one rupee – two US cents – for a school meal.

Sania Khatun lived with her mother in a village north of Calcutta under a tarpaulin sheet provided by the state.

Sania normally ate nothing at school but on Friday saw classmates eating rice and asked for one rupee.

Her mother scolded her and when she returned from work found her daughter hanged from the ceiling with a sari.

“She wanted just one rupee… but her mother could not give her the money due to poverty,” government official Nakul Chandran Mahato told the Reuters agency. “”
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What is this place?

These are strange times we live in. More change and ever faster. In the whirlwind we lose ourselves. In an information age, information is a vital resource. What information you have access to. What information you are paying attention to. How you filter information creates a bubble around you. That bubble, for all intents and purposes, is reality.

We of the dancing moose have had a rare opportunity in these times. To spend years learning and observing, free from many societal contraints, during which we have filtered much information. We are thankful for this opportunity, and now it is time to give back. Knowledge is power, and with power comes responsibility

This site will consist at first of a blog and a wiki. The wiki is an experiment which will hopefully evolve into a non-fiction book. The blog will be a related mixture of pure content, and a real-time feedback loop into the collective consciousness. It is hoped the content herein will be of use to those wishing to enhance their experience of reality.