Went to a funeral today, of a friend a few years younger. She’d been sicker than I knew her whole life, and it caught up with her suddenly over Christmas.

Do we cry for the deceased or our own mortality?

Death, in the Tarot, represents change. Life is constant change. Each moment is precious and unique. Accepting death means accepting change. Accepting death helps us to live well.

In the past I have found it useful to mark another’s death by making a change in my own life as a living testament to them.

Life is short. If there is something you want to do in this life, go, start now, do it. For it is later than you think. Leave behind all the negative bullshit. Celebrate being alive.

I guess I’ve already mentioned this sort of thing, but really, it is so simple, central, and absolutely crucial, we must remind ourselves constantly, until we make the lesson real in our living.

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