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Yesterday was a very good thing.

Went swimming in the sea in the morning. Man, I’m going to miss this place.

Rewrote the first chapter of the novel, a screaming evil bastard of a thing which has been sitting on my back for an age now, and did it in under an hour in a surreal smooth flow. Will discover if it works in an hour or so when I print it, but right now it feels good.

Went and saw the divine SstimulusS. Egad. Now with a full band, bass, drums, guitars and keys to flesh out the electro weirdness and gorgeous vocals. Edging ever closer to being huge and taking over the world. A totally different feel than previous incarnations, but still consistently excellent. Those who missed it are drooling fools and commies, hyup. I was sitting there repeatedly just marvelling at being happy.

And as an added supreme bonus, I may have hooked up with a crazy drummer man to form a band with me on guitar. Hollah!

halfmen of O

Yeah, there needs to be something other than half assed reading lists on here. Maybe more philosophical seedlings.

Anyway. Accidentally reread The Halfmen of O the other day, found it while sorting through the epic mounds of stuff one acquires.

It was cool. Hadn’t read it in at least a decade. Surprised how small it is. Child sized. Loved the New Zealandness of it, from Jimmy Jaspers’ foul old man to fantails darting in the bush. I’d actually visited Takaka in between reads, the whole thing tripped me out, gaining a new reality. Found elements blurring between it and the sequels, memory saying certain events should occur. Mostly what struck me was the simplicity. The way it took a bare few hours to read, and felt it would require little more to write. And the vague threat of a fantasy novel raises its head again, though it seems a little hard to justify the time it would take.

Too hot to think. Life all up in the air. Options and no certainty and no heading anyway. No sense to be made. See you on the other side.

I riot, therefore I am

That was a headline about the Paris riots that got my attention. The following is an unrelated but kind of parallel comment I wrote down sometime in the past couple of weeks, planted here as a half formed seed.

The importance of teenage rebellion is that we, for the first time, question authority, question the rules we live our lives under, and, discovering them to be arbitrary and perceiving them to be unfair, we violate them. This process continues in adulthood, with the state as parental authority. The key is to question not just the false authority, but question ourselves, deeply, as to what we replace it with. Simply reacting against, blind rebellion, achieves little. But thinking for oneself, being true to one’s inner wisdom, brings congruence to the worlds, inner and outer.
Why society fears teenage rebellion is because those who succeed in this process may potentially come to challenge society itself later, whereas those who never break teenage strictures will likely obey the state all their days.

Review: Come Dance With Me

Hmm. Pleasant, but easily the least essential of Russell Hoban’s novels. He adopts the Faulknerian multiple first person narrative style, which is the first time I’ve seen him do that, and he has a lot of fun with some interesting characters, and coincidences, and all the pieces of people that never come together. Musing on the themes of drifting tangled dreamy love and fate and destiny and reality allow endless permutation but the moose is hanging out for another Pilgermann, and eagerly awaits Hoban moving on from this late period.

Gematria and the moose

Random amusing webjunk. According to a site using the principles of Gematria (think Kabalistic mathematical patterns of language and numbers, especially as applied to the Bible), this site has the following rating.

This site is certified 99% GOOD by the Gematriculator

And thus logically

This site is certified 1% EVIL by the Gematriculator

Which is actually a little freaky, but who knows what the odds are?

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