Review: Pattern Recognition – William Gibson

It is interesting that in twenty years Gibson has moved from being a groundbreaking science fiction writer to one of our most relevant contemporary novelists. At least, that is the moose’s impression after reading Pattern Recognition. Haven’t read anything of his since Neuromancer. Gibson’s prose is a hell of a lot better now. Enjoyed it thoroughly, but then with the overlap of interests in technology and how people cope with the influence of such on their lives, that’s perhaps unsurprising. PR attempts to come to grips with the modern world and pace of change and shifting of identity. The plot is fast paced and provides a satisfying enough conclusion, but one which really isn’t the point of the book – often the way, really; the mystery is the thing, the solution usually somewhat of a disappointment.

S’funny, realisng my reviews rarely say anything about the content of a book, just impressions thereof. Hope that isn’t totally useless to the rest of creation. Ach.

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  1.   chuck
    January 24th, 2006 | 5:08 pm

    dag nab it, now I want to re-read pattern recognition. as you will remeber from previous discussions, n-mancer is my fav, but pr is easily the best story he has written. you have done very well to choose these two books of his to read.
    if you are interested in another chuck recommendation, pick up david mitchell’s latest, cloud atlas.