the street finds its own uses for things…

Head on over to the whiskey bar and check out this surreal piece

Iraqi insurgents have taken to releasing studio based talk-show format videos, including skater-style greatest hits and tricks type showreels of blowing things up. Due to competition between insurgent groups, another group released a COPS-style reality TV piece featuring them hunting down, torturing and executing the other group of insurgents after they confessed.

How weird is this? Well, over to Billmon:

“The strategy and politics of it aside, though, the most striking thing about the “Abu Zarqawi Hour” is how it demonstrates the deranged, almost hallucinatory, quality of our 21st century global village, in which the remaining boundaries between reality, propaganda and entertainment are all being rapidly erased, just as Paddy Chayefsky predicted 30 years ago. It may not be a revolution, exactly, but it is being televised.”

(In other random culture/terrorism crossover news, in his most recent message, Osama Bin Laden plugged William Blum’s book Rogue State: A guide to the world’s only superpower (now in its third edition!). The moose owns this, and likewise endorses it with a certain amusement. You could also check out Blum’s Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions since 1945, as seriously eye-opening points of view.)

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