Hamas win Palestine elections

Now there’s a cat among the pigeons.

Hamas have won a clear majority (at least 70 seats, enough to rule alone) in their first time contesting parliamentary elections.

Points of interest:
* the Palestinian parliament under occupation has very limited rights and powers under the Oslo accords
* many Palestinians (1.3 million) were unable to vote in the elections because they are on the wrong side of the ‘Green line’, or have left the country
* those who can vote are those directly experiencing the military occupation
* Hamas accepts negotiations with Israel as part of a more moderate election stance, which by default acknowledges Israel’s existence for the first time; media sources seem mixed on this point, US and Israel announcements so far seem to be ignoring it, going for big we don’t deal with terrorists lines.

Now, since this has been declared a model election, and America is all for “spreading democracy” to the Arab world, it will be interesting to see how the American-Israeli pigeons fly.

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