Changing climate change

The UK government just released a major report on climate change, this time ackowledging the dangers of reaching a tipping point beyond which change becomes irreversible. (Also, Blair wrote an intro in which he acknowledged humans are causing unsustainable climate change, bet Bush will love that.) The main points are summarised here.

Similarly to the global spin post a couple down:

“The biggest problem does not seem to be the technologies or the costs, but overcoming the many political, social and behavioural barriers to implementing mitigation options,” conclude Bert Metz and Detlef van Vuuren of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

“There is a multitude of potential obstacles, ranging from lack of awareness, vested interests, prices not reflecting environmental impacts, cultural and behavioural barriers to change and, in the case of spreading technologies to developing countries, the lack of an effective enabling environment for new investments.”

Which is the maddening truth of things. We have options. We can do things differently. We are choosing to not be aware of them (by paying attention to celebrity trivia and movies, et al); we are choosing to make pots of money in the short term instead of accepting that money is fundamentally worth only what we believe it to be, while without our habitat we die; we continue to convince ourselves that big TV’s and SUV’s and abdominal muscles are some sign of worth and security rather than a dangerous ignorance.

And again, an epic plug for worldchanging (in the links to the right) as a place where you can find out a lot more about our alternatives.

Or you could write to your MP or newspaper expressing concern and desire for action on these issues.

2 Responses to “Changing climate change”

  1.   Timb
    February 1st, 2006 | 3:34 am

    Can I expect to see a letter in the local rag from you anytime soon? 🙂

  2.   Administrator
    February 1st, 2006 | 3:40 am

    Possibly. I don’t read it, though; out of sight, out of mind. I’m more likely to annoy MP’s.