ah, wellington

Random experiences of Wellington in the past couple of days:

* coming across a giant tent in civic square full of people meditating for 24 hours and sitting a spell. Would love for there to be a regular centre-city meditation site.

* noticing a bunch of 7’s fans dressed up as Blanket Man on the people pages of Capital Times

* going to look at a flat and meeting a friend also there looking at the flat; looking into the lounge and seeing an ex-flatmate being interviewed for the flat at that moment.

3 Responses to “ah, wellington”

  1.   Yael, frenchie rat monkey
    February 17th, 2006 | 4:34 am

    as I’ve always been preaching…..Wellington is like a miracle, it’s much more than a city, it’s a place of perfection, there’s magic in the air, it’s a place where you can live and leave your mind constantly floating on seas of a graceful emptiness…
    (at least if you got enough money to call this life holidays)
    (they were holy days to me anyways !)
    (I doubt this comment was in anyway useful, but face it, vagueness is what creates magic)

  2.   Administrator
    February 17th, 2006 | 11:37 am

    hey, yael. nice to hear from you again 🙂
    aye, Welly is special. i need to travel but i know i’ll come back.
    and the line “vagueness is what creates magic” more than justifies the comment, as if it needed justifying.

  3.   Yael, frenchie rat monkey
    February 18th, 2006 | 2:21 am

    yep Billy, I will have to send this one to those who edit quotes dictionaries : )
    and, believe me, even though you all have to deal with regular life issues, to live in Wellington, Welly if I may, on earth, is a gift from the gods !
    my ultimate dream is to get a farm anywhere on a greenie field in this country, build bikes and guitars and bread cattle : )
    but, holy buttfuck I have to earn a livin for now….
    see when it comes to speak about NZ, I feel like in a dream : )