Who are these kids?

Over the past few months on my sadly infrequent forays through my city I had noticed a new energy around and wondered as to its nature and portent. Recently something crystallised in awareness. The realisation?

A new generation is here.

These beautiful kids with their empty shining eyes and amazing haircuts and foreign styles. Who are they? What are their myths? Who are their heroes? Where are they going and what do they want? These questions, assuming they could answer them themselves, reveal my own ignorance. Somewhere along the years I switched off from the mainstream culture and got on with what I was doing. Which is fine. But this has gone on long enough that a whole pop culture cohort – a more accurate term than generation, really – has arisen. The kids who grew up in the last seven years, raised by the strange avatars and unknown idols of modern media space.

I grew up with the weird innocence of the 80’s, so clean and stylisedly outrageous. A lot has changed since then.

What has been done to these kids? And, more importantly, what are they going to do? I noticed the energy before the faces. There’s potential here. Potential for change to accelerate when they apply themselves – and damn the tools are more available than ever.

When social change happened in the last century, it was generally carried on the energy of teenagers. If a new current is coming through now, we need to jump on it, guide it, ride it. How long till the next wave? And, look around, how long have we got?

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  1.   Pearce
    April 28th, 2006 | 3:54 pm

    I told you that modern pop music was worth paying attention to, dammit! 😉

  2.   scarletmanuka
    May 1st, 2006 | 5:30 pm

    Don’t know if I’d refer to the 80s as innocent. Perhaps we, as individuals, were. The world, no.

  3.   Administrator
    May 1st, 2006 | 10:32 pm

    Yeah, I think I meant innocent in terms of the images and iconography. For instance, compare Madonna or Minogue in the 80’s to what they are doing now and the current norm.

  4.   Pearce
    May 2nd, 2006 | 5:49 pm

    Madonna did Crimes Of Passion and stuff like that in the ’80s. Plenty of filthy lyrics in there, not to mention all the dry humping she’d do onstage. Is she really more full-on now than “Like a virgin / Feels so good inside” or

    And what about Prince? He had the number one album AND the number one movie in 1984, and both featured this:

    “I knew a girl named Nikki
    I guess you could say she was a sex fiend
    I met her in a hotel lobby
    Masturbating with a magazine”

    Reading it on the page is tame compared to hearing it, and hearing it is nothing compared to seeing it.

    I seem to remember there being a lot more tits ‘n’ arse in mainstream movies in the ’80s than there is now.

    And then there was this 1984 hit single by Sheena Easton, which I still find hard to believe so I’ll quote it in its entirity:

    My sugar walls
    my sugar walls.
    Where I come from there’s a place called heaven

    That’s the place where all the good children go.
    The houses are of silver
    the streets of gold.
    But there’s more where you come from – my sugar walls.
    My sugar walls
    my sugar walls.
    Blood races to your private spots

    let’s me know there’s a fire.
    You can’t fight passion when passion is hot

    Temperatures rise inside my sugar walls.

    Let me take you somewhere you’ve never been

    I could show you things you’ve never seen.
    I could make you never wanna fall in love again

    Come spend the night inside my sugar walls.

    Take advantage
    it’s alright

    I feel so alive when I’m with you!
    Come and feel my presence
    it’s reigning tonight.
    Heaven on earth inside my sugar walls.
    Let me take you somewhere you’ve never been
    . . .

    I can tell you want me – my sugar walls –
    it’s impossible to hide.
    Your body’s on fire
    admit it! Come inside.
    My sugar walls
    my sugar walls.
    Come inside my sugar walls
    my sugar walls
    my sugar walls.
    Come spend the night inside my sugar walls

    My sugar walls
    my sugar walls