Hit'n'Miss Aotearoa #6: Boss Christ

Undulating Ungulate proudly presents: Hit’n’Miss Aotearoa #6: Boss Christ

Okay. The tiny red walled Pit bar, crammed full of drunks. Enter Boss Christ, a one man hoedown. A bloughy farmboy in a cut off t-shirt and the most enormous fluffy blonde mutton chops you’ll ever see, “Fuck” written on one bicep, “Yeah” on the other, and a D-size EverReady battery used to play sit down slide guitar over a backing track.

How classy was this gig?

As Boss so eloquently put it in his lengthy song dissing Bruce Springsteen, “Why be born in the USA, when you can be born in Masterton?”

Awesome. The recording captures a slice of primo kiwiana, mate. Easily the most vibe and fun captured on a recording yet – the shenanigans are at least as important as the music. Do your self a favour and check this out, or better yet, check out the Boss live.

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