sleepy satisfied

The EP release seemed to go really well. A decent crowd appeared, despite thousands of people being at Summerset (which was a block away on the same day – we have the most uncanny ability to organise gigs on the worst possible dates), and there was a nice energy in the place throughout. The Dukes and the Dissentors were fun.

I think we played one of our tightest sets in ages, and possibly ever, which was nice. There was an enormous catwalk/capering area front of stage which provided ample space for bouncing around like a crazy person without having to worry about colliding with the Darrens. And neither Scott nor his kit broke noticeably for the whole set! 😉 All in all, it was fun.

Cheers to everyone who made it along. For those who didn’t, CD’s are available through, well, me. 🙂 It feels really good to have done the whole process DIY, too. Give monkeys technology and they will make cool shiny things.

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