son of TIA

We have been following the Total Information Awareness project for a while. Now, it is becoming a reality.

In Singapore.

Nearly four years after Congress pulled the plug on what critics assailed as an Orwellian scheme to spy on private citizens, Singapore is set to launch an even more ambitious incarnation of the Pentagon’s controversial Total Information Awareness program — an effort to collect and mine data across all government agencies in the hopes of pinpointing threats to national security.

Singapore’s curious mix of democracy and authoritarianism is apparently a blessing for the system designers – the same people from DARPA’s project.

Whether terrorism or epidemics, Singapore’s rapid acceptance of data mining is a breath of fresh air to the system’s designers. “Singapore is small and has this intrinsic sense of paranoia,” Peterson said.

“I think we would have been stuck in Darpa doing experimental research for another 15 years without anyone making it operational,” Snowden said. “Singapore just walked around and saw what they liked, and said, ‘The hell with it, let’s just make it operational,’ which is much more pragmatic and forward-thinking.”

And it’s bigger than ever before!

While the controversial Darpa efforts were never more than research, RAHS is set to launch with five different agencies in September. Eventually, RAHS would extend across Singapore’s entire government, a plan that makes it the most ambitious data-snooping effort in the world.

Officials from New Zealand were invited to attend a recent symposium to sell the concept…

2 Responses to “son of TIA”

  1.   Richard
    March 27th, 2007 | 9:27 am

    There’s nothing democratic about Singapore. Democracy’s more than casting a vote.

    WRT to TIA, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that Singapore’s doing this. I vowed to stay away from that place after visiting in 2004, this confirms what a smart cookie I was.

  2. April 10th, 2007 | 7:12 pm

    […] Regular readers of the blog will have noticed quite a focus on the trend to a total surveillance society happening in the modern world. Technology is an amazing tool, but the uses to which it is put must be thoroughly questioned in advance. Knowing about it is the first step to stopping it happening here. […]