The Fountain

Saw this tonight. Recommended on the big screen if you can still swing it, as lots of it is really gorgeous to look at, and it will lose something on a tv screen.

The Fountain is Aronofsky’s most experimental movie by far. With its tangled narration, peculiar blend of tragedy, action, romance, and cosmic Mayan waffle, I can see why it divided people. On the whole I liked it, and expect I will like it more and more as time takes it further away and the annoying elements are filtered out through selective memory. While I am quite sure a coherent storyline can be constructed from the film it is beside the point, which was, so far as my experience went, a symbolic meditation on death, transformation, the healing power of narrative, and the way we construct meaning for ourselves; and in these it succeeds admirably.

With no hair Hugh Jackman looks disconcertingly like Grant Morrison.

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