New global warming study predicts that many current climate zones will vanish entirely by the year 2100

Ah, the wacky and wild future…

Global climate models for the next century forecast the complete disappearance of several existing climates currently found in tropical highlands and regions near the poles, while large swaths of the tropics and subtropics may develop new climates unlike anything seen today.


Using models that translate carbon dioxide emission levels into climate change, Williams and his colleagues foresee the appearance of novel climate zones on up to 39 percent of the world’s land surface area by 2100, if current rates of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions continue. Under the same conditions, the models predict the global disappearance of up to 48 percent of current land climates. Even if emission rates slow due to mitigation strategies, the models predict both climate loss and formation, each on up to 20 percent of world land area.

Of course, the part of my brain that is writerly is going, “hmm, new whacked out micro-climates would make a really cool setting”.

The beauty of predictions this vague, however, is precisely where and what this happens is unknown

Of course, way before 2100, Britain will be completely fascist… the way they are going, anyway, with plans to assess every 11+ year old child’s criminality, monitor the “at risk”, and extend DNA databases… which even the Conservatives are complaining about!

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