you know something?

I spend wayyyy too much time on the internet.

A cheap weekend

Friday. Went along to the free showing of Hot Fuzz, the new comedy from the guys that did Shaun of the Dead. It was very good fun. And they put out free donuts on each seat, which I collected afterwards and fed to flatmates who carried mattresses and junk out of our flat on Saturday morning. Got bought yet more beers, which perturbs my karmic beer debt, but yay.

Saturday. Went to a housewarming above the Hutt and watched origami in action. Went to a random house party in Mt Vic, survived the toilet trap, dropped off posters to Happy for the EP release, and ended up waltzing in free to a drum and bass gig to round out the night.

Sunday. Chilled out and chatted. Made the salad of doom, which I should patent. Rounded out the weekend by watching Bela Tarr’s magnificent Werkmeister Harmonies, which was absolutely incredible second time around. It was really overwhelming on the big screen, and a bit more manageable on the small screen. If you ever get the chance to see it (helped immensely in this instance by knowing Ed), do so. It is the first genuine masterpiece of the century in cinema that I have seen.

Did no writing but had fun. Story of the last couple of months, really :/

Vampire hunters drove stake through Milosevic's heart

Vampire hunters drove stake through Milosevic’s heart

Serbian vampire hunters rammed a wooden stake through the heart of former dictator Slobodan Milosevic to stop him ‘returning from the dead’.

Has anyone seen to Reagan?

(cheers, Joey)

Dead Buddhist monk is alive

Russian Buddhist monk Hambo Lama Itigelov was buried in 1927, and exhumed in 2002, with no signs of bodily decay.

The official statement was issued about the body รขโ‚ฌโ€œ very well preserved, without any signs of decay, whole muscles and inner tissue, soft joints and skin. The interesting thing is that the body was never embalmed or mummified.

If I had my copy of The Future of the Body to hand, I could come up with a few other weird preservation of saints type references.

(cheers, Kapow)

time for some serious time management

This morning I figured out an elegant solution to the biggest problem I faced in rewriting USD, as opposed to the somewhat monstrous and clunky best solution I had previously, the awfulness of which was, I suspect, the root of much of my recent procrastrination in that area. Which I guess means it’s time to get back to it, and blogging can slide way the hell into back seat.

9-11. BBC report building 7 falls in advance

I noticed this a few days ago and forgot to post it, but it has come up again.

Video footage has been found of a BBC reporter, reading from an autocue, reporting that WTC Building 7 has collapsed, 20 minutes before it does, while the building is still standing in the background.

Read that again.

Video footage has been found of a BBC reporter, reading from an autocue, reporting that WTC Building 7 has collapsed, 20 minutes before it does, while the building is still standing in the background.

That is … weird. By anyone’s standards.

Remember, building 7 was mostly undamaged by debris (compared to buildings 4, 5 and 6, which were devastated and didn’t fall down). Building 7 falling down at all was a total shock on the day. There was a low level fire in the building, that was it. Building experts were baffled as to how it fell – there was no physical reason whatsoever for that building to fall.

Coincidentally, I saw a doco a week ago about the general weirdness of the buildings falling. The simple picture is physics – jet fuel burns at about half the temperature needed to melt the steel construction of the building – and the buildings fell like a controlled demolition job, with evidence of shaped charges shearing off the steel supports. Plus lots of weird stuff I didn’t know. The guy who took out the lease on the WTC 2 months before 9-11 got 9 billion in insurance payout from a 15 million investment. The firm that does the electronic security for the buildings used to be run by Dubya’s brother. The weekend before 9-11 there was a total power outage for the building, so all the electronic doors were unlocked and there were no security cameras operating, and lots of strange workmen were going in and out. (Yay, magical interweb! It is called 9-11 Mysteries, and is available free here ๐Ÿ™‚ )

So anyway. Figure it out for yourselves.

the times they have a- changed

and i’m still having a great time.
but i do miss the people and times that have been.
though i’m still having a great time.
with the people in the times that are now.

i love you all.
past, present, future.
i love you all.

death is with us in each moment.
each moment is a death.
live each moment.


stuff to do, and randomness

Y’all should get along to Happy on Saturday between 10am and 7pm for your last chance to check out frey‘s funky interactive light and sound installation art. Entry is koha.

Also, Gravity and other Myths, free circus on Queens Wharf at 8pm tomorrow and next Weds-Sat, is well worth checking out. Though you can happily turn up half an hour late and skip the preshow. Also, be warned it will make you feel grossly unfit.

In random news, undulating ungulate is NOT blocked by the great firewall of China. I’m almost disappointed. But mostly happy that like 1/6th of the eventual potential readership of the blog are not reading not because they are censored but because they do not care. The freedom to ignore me is an important freedom, baby.

And in most random news, Michael Jackson’s brother reckons Michael will convert to Islam soon. Awesome. If he does, it will bring us ever closer to his obvious career finale – a dance move no one will ever top – suicide bombing the US President.

choose your robot slave

A question my flatmate Al just put to me:

If you could choose anyone, male or female, to be the basis of your robot slave, who would you pick?

After a minute’s reflection, I went with Schwarzanegger.

So: who do you choose as your robot slave?

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