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After a longer than usual outage, the Moose Dances again! However, my confidence in pressing buttons the effects of which I don’t understand is much increased, and hopefully future outages will be shorter 🙂

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Health Freedom

Vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies are being threatened with reclassification as drugs and being put under an Australian-NZ regulatory body, effectively removing New Zealander’s ability to control what we can legally ingest or not.

This seems to be driven by the one trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry in an international movement for consolidation of the health industry. Big pharma have an obvious interest in pushing their own, expensive, patented, profitable-when-less-effective products over natural, cheaper, effective products. As an aside, health supplements seem not to kill anyone, while patented drugs kill three times the road toll each year.

We have commented before on this blog about the pharmaceutical industry being corrupt, heavily involved in manipulating lawmaking in their favour, and, as corporations, are more concerned with profiteering than people’s health. The struggle for people’s right to health is a flashpoint at the moment – see Brazil’s recent decision to break patent law and import cheap generic AIDS drugs instead of overpriced corporate pharma.

For more information about the NZ situation, protests, and what you can do, check out


Last night I finished learning the Wu style tai chi long form. Finished is a relative term. I now know the complete sequence of movements, after two years learning under Shi Mei Lin, but it will take many years of practice before I am doing half of what she does.

Mei Lin is the adopted daughter of the legendary Ma Yueh-Liang, who said, roughly, “It took me ten years to discover my chi, and another thirty to learn how to use it.”

Here are a couple of videos of Grand Master Ma doing push hands. This is a genuine master of internal martial arts, and it is quite rare footage. He is in his 80’s or 90’s in both of these.

The first one is at a demonstration in Wellington in 1990-something. The guy being thrown around is Stephen Yan, who is no slouch.

This is from Shanghai. I have no idea who the people being thrown about are, but Ma doesn’t move his feet at all.


If you’re keen, here is vintage footage of Wu Ying Hwa, Mei Lin’s adopted mother, and the most senior Wu style teacher until her death, doing the complete long form. Not sure if the footage is sped up or if she’s doing it fast, but it’s the whole thing in ten minutes, as opposed to an hour or so…

Two years down. Lots to go.

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