plant intelligence

This fun little article about plant intelligence caught my eye.

Though they lack cognition and memory, the study shows plants are capable of complex social behaviours such as altruism towards relatives, says Dudley

That’s a little weird.

“Gardeners have known for a long time that some pairs of species get along better than others, and scientists are starting to catch up with why that happens,” says Dudley. “What I’ve found is that plants from the same mother may be more compatible with each other than with plants of the same species that had different mothers. The more we know about plants, the more complex their interactions seem to be,…”

Which reminds me I should read Intelligence in Nature by Jeremy Narby, a collection of research arguing for the presence of intelligence in plants and animals of a sort that is generally only associated with humans.

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  1.   R-bot
    June 19th, 2007 | 12:17 am

    I liked this comment too:
    “Well vegetarians and vegans will have some explaining to do now, if they continue to kill plants and eat them. Knowing that plants have families…sentiments.”
    Ha, finally some fodder for all them smug hippies.