time perception

Last night I learned the margin of error in playing guitar is about 1mm, and even slightly drunken fingers can screw that up.

However, on listening back to the recording of it, it seems that my idea in the moment of horribly fucking things up is quite different than what actually comes out. What really struck me was that what felt like enormous gaffes at the time actually aren’t – in the context of listening rather than playing, they’re mostly fairly unnoticeable, or rectified really fast and quickly forgotten in the progression of the song. Which I guess says some random stuff about differential perception, and how focussed one has to be to play.

Slowly getting a bit more comfortable with this whole guitarist lark. Slowly. And today I ineptly restrung my acoustic, which now sounds lovely and full and bright, so I’m looking forward to doing the singer-songwriter thing for a bit, to see what comes out.

A funny thing with lyrics is things you can hardly get away with saying can really work sung.

Also weird is how much more expressive singing becomes when done in front of people vs singing in practice. A whole new intensity comes out, the songs come alive. For some reason I notice it more in This Charming Mystery than Idle Faction, though IF is always at a pretty intense pitch, so maybe that’s it.

2 Responses to “time perception”

  1.   morgue
    August 24th, 2007 | 9:13 pm

    Hope this means the gig went well. Look forward to a chance to see TCM myself.

  2.   Andrew
    August 24th, 2007 | 10:54 pm

    Yeah, I’ve found the key to covering mistakes is simply to keep going. Although the most important trick to learn is that if the mistake is really, glaringly bad, then repeat it. Once is error, twice is design 😉