al-jazeera available locally?

just while we’re talking a little about television (by bizarre serendipity just had a 3 hour meeting with a documentary filmmaker who wants to make a doco about television), the other day it seemed as if Al-Jazeera’s english channel was tuned in on the tv at my brother’s care facility. (ie) available free to air. what the hey? no idea what frequency.

hello Salient readers

A special hello to any Salient readers who drop by. The place is a little bare of late, but there’s plenty of interesting stuff if you poke around. There is a category menu on the sidebar; the About page also may be useful.

(Regular readers of this blog may wish to track down today’s issue of Salient – the drugs special – which features a feature by the dancing moose about television. There may be more over the next couple of issues.)

(Hmm. Just had a look at it. A couple of minor textual edits, I think, but the content is mostly there. There’s a big stupid tag line about P and Shortland St that I didn’t write, and the somewhat obvious Disposable Heroes quote was added. I had no say in the art used.)

crazy busy

The past few weeks have been crazy busy.

Family stuff is still uncertain and proceeding about as well as can be expected.

Investigation of options for the future continues apace. Seems like it is going to be a process rather than an instant transition.

Finding it pretty funny having no internet. Combined with not watching TV or reading the papers, I have absolutely no idea what’s happening in the world. I guess it can look after itself. Has anything of note happened?

the pakistani starfleet

when it rains it pours

It has been a hell of a week offline. The changes are ringing loud.

* Finished novel/main project of last year and a half.

* Discovered band of last five years is going to wind up sometime soon.

* My brother went into a care facility, and while it is too early to say for sure, it feels pretty unlikely we will bring him back to the family home again.

While Nick going into care has been coming for a long time, the process itself – things finally reaching the point where we just physically, emotionally and mentally could not go on doing it, and then trying to settle someone with massive physical disability and cognitive difficulty in an unfamiliar environment against their will – has been unbelievably fucking stressful. I burned out completely on Saturday after returning from visiting. I knew it had been a full on week, but the exhaustion was scary. Lay down at 7pm and couldn’t actually get out of bed until midnight, by when it was apparent I wasn’t going anywhere, so I went to bed and got up the next afternoon.

* Meanwhile, five new people have moved into (or are about to move into) my flat in the past few weeks.

* I keep meeting people and having intense conversations and learning new stuff and weirdly awesome opportunities are presenting themselves.

* Other stuff I won’t put into a public forum

I spent yesterday in bed reading. Today I feel okay. A busy week ahead. (Still no sign of interweb hookup at flat, either, most available by txt)

But damn

this place has good parties.