better update

My brother has largely recovered his functioning. He can talk and use his hands and arms again, and the tubes pumping out of him are filled with a much more reassuring colour. Given that this time last week he could make no voluntary movements and had no neurological responses (like, no reflexes; like, if you shine a light in his eyes, the iris doesn’t respond), this is pretty amazing.

The abbreviated version with the benefit of hindsight seems to be: kidney failure led to blood poisoning from his meds, while a blood clot blocked the bladder which led to a serious infection; the combination of these led to a toxic overload (particularly the blood poisoning) which caused a more or less complete neurological shut down. Combating infection, restoring kidney function, and unblocking bladder have allowed blood to sort itself out and recovery to commence.

This was all pretty unclear for most of the week, which was quite an emotional rollercoaster. Quite impressed with the hospital, though. Gained a lot of understanding of how they work through watching for a week.

The irony of this coming during our first respite break in over four years is not lost on us.

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