where would we be without technical difficulties?

It’s amazing all the stuff that has nothing to do with making a documentary which is involved in making a documentary.

Right. Tomorrow we go to shoot on location. And party.


The Spiritual Path of Magick

“The key phrase of the western mysteries is “Know Thyself.” The whole purpose of the western secret doctrine is to lead you to a greater understanding of yourself. This understanding then translates into the ability to act consistently and congruently in accordance with your own true will. By understanding ourselves, we come to understand the purpose of our existence, and with that purpose clearly in mind, we can accomplish anything.” – Jason Augustus Newcomb.

Succinct, no?


It is really rather different not being on call 24 hours a day, and being able to make plans with any certainty more than a few days in advance.


The funeral was yesterday. Seemed to go pretty well – a bunch of people commented it was the best funeral they’d been to, which seems a strange thing to quantify. Gave a eulogy, which was harder than I expected. Definitely felt better afterwards.

Still, it’ll take a while to get used to him not being around, I think. And this means some major changes are here for me. So it’s gonna be interesting.


Nick passed away peacefully on Saturday morning, a week short of his 34th birthday.

I am writing a eulogy at the moment, and I guess that’s where what I have to say will go.

I am going to miss him so much.

(Again, I do really appreciate the txts and whatnot, sorry I haven’t really gotten back to anyone; I’m mostly okay and am focussing on supporting family through the transition.)


Just since news seems to have spread a little, here is a brief announcement.

On Tuesday morning my brother collapsed as a result of complications from his illness. His heart stopped for a while and he was clinically dead at the scene before being resuscitated. He has not regained consciousness since. There is no hope of recovery. Presently he is resting peacefully in a hospice with family.

While I do appreciate your thoughts and good wishes, I am unlikely to reply at present, focussing on family needs.