This Charming Mystery

Hey. You can listen to a bunch of songs by my new band This Charming Mystery at our myspace page, which has just gone live. If you are a msypace-enabled person you can add us as a friend and make us look loved.

But yeah. Head on over and have a listen. Tell us what we sound like, because it’s a bit of mystery to me. There’s quite a bit of variety in there. (And for those wondering, it’s a million miles away from what Idle Faction were doing 😉 TCM is a mostly instrumental 3 piece doing… well. Go find out 🙂 I am guitars and occasionally vocals when there are vocals.)

I’d recommend maybe Kilimanjaro, Seems That Way, Portobello Road or Monday Morning Traffic to start with. But then I’d recommend all of them…

One Response to “This Charming Mystery”

  1.   Scott C
    February 29th, 2008 | 1:39 pm

    Ah ha!! I’ll check them out as soon as I get home tonight!

    Had a good chat with George about them, and he seemed pretty happy in general with how they had gone. You always look at these things and think, “theres stuff that I would have done differently” but recordings are always a snap shot of a specific time.