Bios and Logos

In my seemingly never ending quest to dump more and more information into my brain, I’ve been getting into podcasts lately. There’s a bunch of really interesting talks and interviews with really smart people talking about cool stuff out there.

So far the most interesting I’ve listened to is this one from Mark Pesce, entitled Bios and Logos. Part history of evolution, invention, humanity, part extrapolation on where we’re going and what’s going on, pretty consistently mind-expanding and interesting.

A couple of quotes:

“There are periods of time when your DNA isn’t doing anything at all, when it’s quiescent. And at that time, when it’s not interacting with the world around it, it can enter what physicists call superposition. When it’s not interacting it can enter a quantum state. That quantum state says that it can be in this universe, and this universe, and this universe, and this universe. Well, it can be in a lot of different universes. In fact, it can be in ten with five hundred zeros following it, possible universes.”

30:33: “The ability for you to react to your environment from your genetic code verses being able to react to your environment because you can communicate using language is probably at least ten million to one times faster. That means at the same time we acquired the ability to speak everything about us in terms of humanity, and human culture, and human thought, and human understanding suddenly went ten million times faster.”

Recommended. 🙂

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