strange times

Apparently the Washington Times was founded by Rev Sun Myung Moon.

This extraordinary little clip is footage from some kind of recent Washington Times anniversary dinner, featuring many famous politicians giving glowing endorsements, followed by Moon’s totally batshit seeming comments, which the guests seem at a loss to know how to respond to.

This is almost so weird that it seems like it must be fake, right? Please? [via disinfo] Well worth two minutes.

In other news, Tibet is going hard for freedom. Guess we should have seen this coming in Chinese gala Olympics year. All power to them, and I hope the “free” world grows the balls to stand behind the principles it claims to and support the Tibetan people.

And meanwhile the US economy (centre of the global economy) continues to unravel. Gee. There is no satisfaction in being right about this kind of thing – I mean the economic system is fucking broken and unsustainable to a cursory examination of its foundations – when no one is prepared for the consequences.

It’s so surreal watching it come down, knowing it is coming down, having known it was coming down. The schizophrenic disjunct of modern living is getting to me. Growing harder to go through the motions and act like any of the sandcastles we obsess about will survive the tsunami rumbling on the horizon.

Maybe this is all projection of my interior state on the universe; a little shaken up and disjointed in my head right now. Maybe I should just get the hell off the web.

2 Responses to “strange times”

  1.   Sangrail
    March 18th, 2008 | 2:48 pm

    Whoops, should have posted it here,
    though it’s not exactly educated opinion, more rambling:

    I first got an idea of the shaky state of the US currency a few years ago (US dollar’s value mostly as a trading currency, two major props being oil trading, and asian economies – pull either, and it’d collapse).

    Compared to some of the worst case scenarios we were speculating about then, it hasn’t been too bad. The US dollar has been ‘slowly’ moving on the downward track for the last five years ago – China stopped pegging their currency on the US dollar, but rather than hanging it out to dry, pegged it off a ‘basket’ of currencies, rather than hanging the US dollar out to dry.

    The best case scenario for everyone, is that the US dollar, keeps dropping slowly, and the economy well, tanks a little, but adjusts, rather than both crashing. I’m still hoping for a slow slide rather than a catastrophic crash… and that even if there is a crash at the end, that the slide has been gradual enough that it’s a short cliff, not a big one.

    I’m really hoping that the democrats don’t get blamed for the economy they’re about to get lumped with when they get in power.

    I’m still hoping they’ll massively cut back on all the military, tax cuts for the rich and ‘discretionary’ spending, and start investing in social support and infrastructure, because the country’ll need it. There’s a lot of things they could do to improve (ie, if they could cut the strings the insurance industry had on their healthcare, and overhaul medicare, they could get equivalent levels of universal healthcare to here [is that really a good thing though? Eh, maybe Canada’s then]), etc etc.

    Hey, I’m an optimist.

  2.   bruce
    March 18th, 2008 | 9:49 pm

    Yeah, you are an optomist, Sangrail.

    Maybe this wasn’t the worst case, it’s gradual rather than abrubt, but I am personally shocked that all the web macro eco cassandras I was reading a few years back, and heavily influenced by, including with my move to NZ from the US, were dead right.

    >Maybe this is all projection of my interior state on the universe

    I wonder that myself. I apologize to all of you for being in my solipsistic collapse of the US economy scenario… really, I’d prefer the world didn’t end, I am happy now.

    Thanks 🙂