skilluminati reopens for 2008

Easily one of the most interesting reads on the web, skilluminati has relaunched for 2008 with a bang. (The guy behind brainsturbator, for those who remember.) Basically, if I had more time and inclination, this site would be doing something more like skilluminati or cryptogon rather than the haphazard whatever it is. Something more substantive, in any case, though that is what I write books for.

The current attention grabbing quote near the top of the page is

Be honest with yourself: who are you asking for justice? Are you expecting the same power structure that has been running the United States of America for the past 50 years to give up because you’re right? Because you can prove mathematically that two buildings collapsed faster than they should have? Because you have thousands of pages of evidence to prove every point you’re making? Does the truth matter? Seriously. Does the truth matter? Or does power matter?

Anyway. Among the gold, he points out Global Trends 2007-36 (right click to download pdf), which he describes as

Prepared by the Development, Doctrine and Concepts Centre of the UK Ministry of Defense, this report outlines a nightmare future where the Western World will be increasingly called to use lethal force on out of control Third World populations over simple resources like water and food. They envision a future with endless “urban low-intensity conflict” where the poor are kept inside prison cities which become so dangerous only military Special Forces can patrol them. AS IF THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH, the report even sees enemies within, claiming “The middle classes could become a revolutionary class, taking the role envisaged for the proletariat by Marx.” All of which sounds insane, but doesn’t even begin to do this report justice. This is essential reading.

But yeah. If you are interested at all in what the hell is going on and where we are going, this is a pretty good place to start. I remember reading the equivalent of this sort of thing a decade ago tipping me off to a lot of what was coming and what to watch for.

The site is well worth a trawl through, as there is plenty of wonderful older material, for instance this article Charles Tart on Consensus Trance and Normal Human Consciousness

“The clues from hypnosis research, experiments into the influence of beliefs upon perceptions, and teachings from the mystical traditions, led Tart to see how normal waking consciousness is the product of a true hypnotic procedure that is practiced by parents, teachers, and peers, reinforced by every social interaction, and maintained by powerful taboos. Consensus trance induction — the process of learning the “normal waking” state of mind — is involuntary, and occurs under conditions that give it far more power than ordinary hypnotists are ever allowed. When infants are first subjected to the processes that induce consensus trance, they are all vulnerable and dependent upon their consensus hypnotists, for their parents are the ones who initiate them into the rules of their culture, according to the instructions that had been impressed upon them by their own parents, teachers, and peers.”

I was watching TV at 3am this morning (I’m not proud of it) and was flicking between a live press conference by Dubya – itself an extreme rarity in his reign of incompetence, as they rarely let him out without a leash – and the new Indian 20-20 Cricket League. Holy shit. A blind man interpreting the movements of an erratically electrocuted gerbil would give more coherent answers than the US president. And all-star 20-20 cricket is just weird.

Also. The title of the last post was a more or less random yet somehow appropriate seeming juxtaposition with the content. How did you find it?

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  1.   Administrator
    April 30th, 2008 | 3:10 pm

    A quote from the global trends pdf: “Globalization will result in critical interdependencies that will link members of a globalized society that includes a small super-rich elite and a substantial underclass of slum and subsistence dwellers, who will make up 20% of the world population in 2020. A severe pricing shock, possibly caused by an energy spike or a series of harvest failures, could trigger a domino effect involving the collapse of key international markets across a range of sectors. The impacts of this collapse could be transmitted throughout the globalized economy, possibly resulting in a breakdown of the international political system, as states attempt to respond to domestic crises and the local effects of wider economic collapse. Sophisticated societies that depend on complex, transnational networks for the supply of basic human needs, such as food that cannot be provided indigenously, are likely to face severe infrastructure failure, collapse of public services and societal conflict.”