a momentary lapse of conformity

Since the entire function of the modern west is the consumption of media and the offering of our judgment upon it, I thought I would reclaim my solidarity with my fellow mensch, and give a run down of my recent media consumption, with opinions, thus proving I am not a terrorist. Or something.


In the future, human emotion, and anything which might stir emotion (eg art), has been identified as the source of all evils, and thus eradicated through drugs that maintain equilibrium. Christian Bale is a fascist supercop who accidentally goes off his drugs, starts sympathising with the terrorists who believe in feeling, and all hell breaks loose. Sort of basic morality play, lacking a bit of depth. Lots of righteous slaughter.


As a big budget on-location recreation of Mayan times, it’s pretty cool to stare at. I enjoyed the immersion. As a plot, it’s pretty mindless. Unfortunately the ending with its ur-text of “and then came the Christians to civilise these fucking savages, and not a moment too soon” really soured me.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Lies, smoke, mirrors, arrogance and greed. Wasn’t that aware of how much this tied into the California blackouts debacle and the rise of Governator Arnie. Fundamentally depressing account of human nature and the corruption and complicity of the capitalist system in screwing people over for money at all costs. Maybe nothing new, but interesting, though.

The Machinist

Tense, nervy and weird. Bale is indeed emaciated. Props for dedication, that man. And Jennifer Jason Leigh was totally unrecognizable. Enjoyable in an uncomfortable kind of way. Cute resolution, though kind of unsatisfying somehow.

And didn’t get around to watching Manderlay; despite being curious about what the hell would happen to that character after Dogville, I wasn’t feeling up to Von Triers particular brand of emotional rape.

Oh, and I went to see Iron Man on opening night, which was lots of mindless escapist fun, and seemed to manage walking both sides of the terrorism tightrope. And I seem to have completely f**ked up getting to anything at the Human Rights Film Fest so far.

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  1.   Pearce
    May 17th, 2008 | 6:37 pm

    The doco on the Western Sahara was choice.