So Andre Breton was booked to go to Mexico and talk about Surrealism. He gets off the plane and there is no one to meet him. After waiting around for a while, he makes his way to the venue he is supposed to speak at. It is locked and empty. With no hotel booked and no way to contact anyone, he makes his way to a bar and starts drinking tequila. A man walks in and asks if a certain man, call him Signor X, is there. Upon having Signor X pointed out, the man walks up to him, shoots him dead, and leaves.

Eventually Breton is found by his hosts at the bar, and informed that they had completely forgotten he was coming, and had organised nothing. He stood to give an impromptu talk to the small group gathered, beginning “I came here to talk to you about surrealism, but in Mexico, I see, I don’t dare.”

[Anecdote paraphrased from a book on Remedios Varo.]

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