Someone Else's Country

Wow. Someone flipped a switch and now it is officially spring and everyone is out on the waterfront.


White Fungus is putting on a free screening of Someone Else’s Country, a doco by Alister Barry (who made a film out of The Hollow Men, among other things, which is playing for another few days at Paramount) about the 80’s reforms and Rogernomics, with a panel discussion featuring Alister Barry, Nicky Hager and Tim Bollinger.

Monday Sept 29th, 6pm, Massey Uni lecture Theatre 10A02, old museum building.

This seems pretty worthwhile. See you there?

(Oh, and, as ever, daylight savings seems a really useful time to point out that as we can all collectively decide that a fundamental abstract ordering principle of reality, such as time, will arbitrarily change, and it is fine, that we can also do this with our economic and political abstractions, etc, and it will be fine.)

One Response to “Someone Else's Country”

  1.   ian
    September 29th, 2008 | 6:48 am

    just quickly, alister is my old landlord 🙂 very nice chap to have cups of tea with and hold a ladder for…