Tinekaamos: The John Key is a Donkey Project

Right, then.

Here is the first installment in the John Key is a Donkey project by Tinekaamos. The song is available on the new tinekaamos myspace page.

The basic gist of the project, at least in its present form: a selection of songs, in different styles, all entitled John Key is a Donkey. The purpose is to raise awareness of John Key´s donkeyness (or giant assness, if you prefer).

First up, we have John Key is a Donkey: Punk mix. This was recorded the day after the election in which the donkey, John Key, was elected Prime Minister of New Zealand. While this was a proud day for asses everywhere, with each passing day it is proving a greater tragedy for us humans.

Each track was recorded in one take; ie each successive layer was improvised over the rest. It is Punk As. (If I would redo anything it would be the vocals, but the improv angle is kinda neat.) Actually, having listened to it a bunch while mixing it, I can say it´s genuinely cool to listen to a bunch, and has got stuck in my head in weird ways.

But yeah. This is the raw reaction to the election of John Key, Donkey. And where the John Key is a Donkey project begins.


Write a letter to the government

So anyway. For those who don´t know Mo, he´s started a campaign of letter writing to John Key over climate change policy. Specifically, about the government approaching sanity on dealing with climate change, rather than being influenced by far right climate change denying whackjob coalition partner Rodney Hide.

Also: it is free to send letters to parliament! And the website (http://dontbearodney.blogspot.com/) provides examples and suggestions for what points to hit, and makes it very clear how to go about this, and in general explains itself more clearly than I am on its behalf, so I´m just about pointing to it for those of you who haven´t encountered it yet.

All in all, writing letters to the motherfucker may be more effective than being bitchy about him on our blogs and in conversation. (Er.) Hey, it´s worth a shot.

sometimes, i just wanna sit under a tree for a few years, you know?

Now, take your country. (I don´t mean any criticism.) Here the social laws, the political formation, everything is made to facilitate man´s journey in this life. He may live very happily so long as he is on this earth. Look at your streets – how clean! Your beautiful cities! And in how many ways a man can make money! How many channels to get enjoyment in this life! But, if a man here should say, ´Now look here, I shall sit down under this tree and meditate; I don´t want to work,´ why, he would have to go to jail. See? There would be no chance for him at all. None. A man can live in this society only if he falls in line. He has to join this rush for the enjoyment of good in this life, or he dies.

– Swami Vivekananda (from An Unpublished Lecture, in Vedanta For The West.)

our children, the consumers of the future

Much as I would rather be positive, it is remarkably easy to shit on John Key.

john key on children

By the way, as the moose now has a digital camera, the moose now has a flickr page. This will presumably form an adjunct to the blog/repository for more content. Is now linked under Meta in sidebar.

Speaking of which. Is anyone else on flickr? There must be a few of you…

John Key reveals economic turdheadedness (on international stage, no less)

It´s not so much surprising as disappointing.

Yet watching Key on the world stage at APEC – whether it be him grinning back at Bush, or sitting awkwardly and cross legged with Alan Garcia – has not been very re-assuring. News reports that Key has called on Brazil, India and China to open up their markets ( to further the Doha Round) in response to the global financial crisis have also been alarming. It appears as though a National government is willing to play the role of attack poodle once again, on such issues. That’s us, always eager to please.

Lets get real instead. As China says, the global financial crisis began because of a lack of regulation and discipline in US financial markets. To think that a crisis caused by a lack of regulation in financial markets can be solved by creating even more laissez faire conditions in world trade is ridiculous – and China, India and Brazil will be treating Key’s suggestion with the contempt it deserves.

The world has changed. The 1980s mindset on free markets is now obsolete. Financial markets need to be regulated. Trade rules, under the Obama presidency will be more protectionist – if only because jobs at home matter, during a recession. If John Key can’t grasp this new consensus as he represents us on the world stage ….then we’re in deep trouble. Judging by the APEC conference, he currently looks more like an eager head prefect, than a headmaster.

Oh man. He is exactly the kind of dogmatic ideologue I´d feared.

I remember explaining to my mother that the world financial crisis was caused by the rampant neoliberal economic agenda, and that more of the same shit that caused the mess was not a solution but was exactly what National would advocate.

She looked at me blankly and, no doubt, voted National.

But it really stinks that this turd is representing us internationally. India, Brazil, and China, have all now pegged him as a clueless fuckwad – and us, by association. I mean, shit. Three economic powerhouses in the developing world, dealing with real shit, being lectured by a smug millionaire in the nominal first world, giving advice that is patently self-serving ideology at a remove from reality.

I haven´t really been following news, but more or less everything norightturn has mentioned National have done so far has seemed fairly awful to me.

Mandate, my ass.

But anyway. We of the dancing moose are now confirmed in our course. Which should prove very amusing. Watch this space. 🙂

Hit´n´Miss Aotearoa #11: the place music comes from

And now for something completely different.

Hit´n´miss Aotearoa presents: The Place Music Comes From

Basically a section of the extensive jamming from my birthday party that came out really cool. Featuring members of The Dukes Of Leisure, Jet Jaguar, Group Five, tinekaamos, Gold Medal Famous, and others. Not really sure who was playing what at this point. But it was good times and laxing out with good people and instruments and a flow appeared. And that is where music comes from…

(As a side note, it came out amazingly well given that it was recorded on one mic in the middle of a room in which acoustic and electric guitars, various drums, didgeridoos, rainsticks, shakers, bells, synth, voice, bottles, flute, and whatever else, was being played. And in particular how elements enter and leave with an overall balance and progression maintained.)

If you want a vision of the future

here´s rodney

everything you need to survive

This is pretty cool – it´s 13GB of data free to download, aimed at providing information for people in the third world about how to do useful stuff.


Of course, we´re not so distant from the third world, so if you have any interest in: how to deal with shelter; power; sanitation; water supply; growing, harvesting and storing crops; dealing with animals and keeping them healthy; and more – pretty much anything you are ever likely to need to do to survive if society collapses around our ears – then this is a very cool resource.

{via soundmoose, who may be thinking such thoughts post-Valve 😉 }

Of course, if you´ve got organised and have bought a replicator/3D printer before shit hits the fan, then this repository of open source designs for stuff you can make is maybe your ticket.

{chur, d3vo}

Everything is under control, citizens. John Key will sort it all out.

this and that

Party was an eclectic mix of people that devolved into a monster jam session that was a tonne of fun. Odd flow to the night. Not sure I was entirely functional as a host. Oh well. Enjoyed myself. And seem to have sold a bunch of books. How bizarre.


John Key is doing nothing whatsoever to earn mercy so far.



Went and saw Zeitgeist: Addendum at the krazy konspiracy film night at the Cross. Haven´t seen the first two parts and have heard mixed things about them, but having seen this one, I recommend it, actually.

The first section was a really lucid coverage of the money system and how it is broken. The kind of stuff I wrote about extensively in USD and in one the articles for Salient. The second section is mostly the guy that wrote Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (which I read when it came out) explaining his thing – the historical political use of debt as a weapon and so forth. The third section was a very happy ¨technology can save us¨ riff about redesigning society without the profit motive. I had a couple of beefs with this stuff – my own ideas overlap but differ in sensibility (long story, and anyway, the non-fiction book will explain that when its done) – but on the whole it was a reasonable coverage, and yeah, for people who aren´t already well familiar with this stuff, it is a really good primer.

Available free online.


My flatmate gets random film magazines, on the cover of the most recent one is the New Kirk and Spock from the remake of the original Star Trek. Which just made me go buh.

If Gaia watches TV, we´re doomed.

[edit: oh, it´s a movie. have now seen trailer on ewetub. it looks bad. I speak as someone who doesn´t give a damn about Trek, btw.]


Speaking of TV, recently the moose watched most of season 2 and 3 of Entourage on DVD. It´s really good; smart, funny, good characters being developed, good energy, and a weirdly real Hollywood. I haven´t really watched any TV beyond random snippets in years – in fact, to list it: season one of Heroes while at Allenby, since the whole flat got hooked and we were downloading it; season one of Carnivale while at Evan´s Bay a few years ago; and that´s pretty much it this millenium, aside from maybe a bit of Buffy, depending on when that was… – not sure where this is going beyond, gee, it´s a surprise to find myself watching a tv show. Though it is pretty inconceivable to tune it at a regular time and watch it as ¨tv¨. The DVD thing is the way to go.

[edit: oh, and firefly]

Have finally finished(?) research reading for the rewrite. And typing up notes. So soon the rewrite begins. ´ray!

And finally got a first assembly from Paul, so can actually do some work on the doco.


There´s a party at my place Saturday night. If you´re reading this, you´re (probably already) invited, but if you as yet don´t know the details, get in touch, as I have far from everyone´s contact info…

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