this and that

Party was an eclectic mix of people that devolved into a monster jam session that was a tonne of fun. Odd flow to the night. Not sure I was entirely functional as a host. Oh well. Enjoyed myself. And seem to have sold a bunch of books. How bizarre.


John Key is doing nothing whatsoever to earn mercy so far.



Went and saw Zeitgeist: Addendum at the krazy konspiracy film night at the Cross. Haven´t seen the first two parts and have heard mixed things about them, but having seen this one, I recommend it, actually.

The first section was a really lucid coverage of the money system and how it is broken. The kind of stuff I wrote about extensively in USD and in one the articles for Salient. The second section is mostly the guy that wrote Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (which I read when it came out) explaining his thing – the historical political use of debt as a weapon and so forth. The third section was a very happy ¨technology can save us¨ riff about redesigning society without the profit motive. I had a couple of beefs with this stuff – my own ideas overlap but differ in sensibility (long story, and anyway, the non-fiction book will explain that when its done) – but on the whole it was a reasonable coverage, and yeah, for people who aren´t already well familiar with this stuff, it is a really good primer.

Available free online.


My flatmate gets random film magazines, on the cover of the most recent one is the New Kirk and Spock from the remake of the original Star Trek. Which just made me go buh.

If Gaia watches TV, we´re doomed.

[edit: oh, it´s a movie. have now seen trailer on ewetub. it looks bad. I speak as someone who doesn´t give a damn about Trek, btw.]


Speaking of TV, recently the moose watched most of season 2 and 3 of Entourage on DVD. It´s really good; smart, funny, good characters being developed, good energy, and a weirdly real Hollywood. I haven´t really watched any TV beyond random snippets in years – in fact, to list it: season one of Heroes while at Allenby, since the whole flat got hooked and we were downloading it; season one of Carnivale while at Evan´s Bay a few years ago; and that´s pretty much it this millenium, aside from maybe a bit of Buffy, depending on when that was… – not sure where this is going beyond, gee, it´s a surprise to find myself watching a tv show. Though it is pretty inconceivable to tune it at a regular time and watch it as ¨tv¨. The DVD thing is the way to go.

[edit: oh, and firefly]

Have finally finished(?) research reading for the rewrite. And typing up notes. So soon the rewrite begins. ´ray!

And finally got a first assembly from Paul, so can actually do some work on the doco.

4 Responses to “this and that”

  1.   Pearce
    November 20th, 2008 | 6:58 am

    Is Simon Pegg as Scotty a sign that he’s officially lost it?

  2.   Administrator
    November 20th, 2008 | 12:38 pm

    Maybe he´s just a fanboy who leapt at the chance.

  3.   Pearce
    November 20th, 2008 | 5:27 pm

    I was thinking that he’s been in a string of other shit movies and this might be the shark tank he’s jumping.

  4.   Daryl
    November 21st, 2008 | 12:32 pm

    I think Mr Pegg agreeing to be in David Schwimmer’s 100 minute Nike advert was a definate step in the wrong direction. He was less funny than Dylan Moran’s naked ass… not a good sign.

    But I remain positive and hopeful for a fun reboot of Star Trek. Sylar as Spock! Of course!