everything you need to survive

This is pretty cool – it´s 13GB of data free to download, aimed at providing information for people in the third world about how to do useful stuff.


Of course, we´re not so distant from the third world, so if you have any interest in: how to deal with shelter; power; sanitation; water supply; growing, harvesting and storing crops; dealing with animals and keeping them healthy; and more – pretty much anything you are ever likely to need to do to survive if society collapses around our ears – then this is a very cool resource.

{via soundmoose, who may be thinking such thoughts post-Valve 😉 }

Of course, if you´ve got organised and have bought a replicator/3D printer before shit hits the fan, then this repository of open source designs for stuff you can make is maybe your ticket.

{chur, d3vo}

Everything is under control, citizens. John Key will sort it all out.

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