John Key reveals economic turdheadedness (on international stage, no less)

It´s not so much surprising as disappointing.

Yet watching Key on the world stage at APEC – whether it be him grinning back at Bush, or sitting awkwardly and cross legged with Alan Garcia – has not been very re-assuring. News reports that Key has called on Brazil, India and China to open up their markets ( to further the Doha Round) in response to the global financial crisis have also been alarming. It appears as though a National government is willing to play the role of attack poodle once again, on such issues. That’s us, always eager to please.

Lets get real instead. As China says, the global financial crisis began because of a lack of regulation and discipline in US financial markets. To think that a crisis caused by a lack of regulation in financial markets can be solved by creating even more laissez faire conditions in world trade is ridiculous – and China, India and Brazil will be treating Key’s suggestion with the contempt it deserves.

The world has changed. The 1980s mindset on free markets is now obsolete. Financial markets need to be regulated. Trade rules, under the Obama presidency will be more protectionist – if only because jobs at home matter, during a recession. If John Key can’t grasp this new consensus as he represents us on the world stage ….then we’re in deep trouble. Judging by the APEC conference, he currently looks more like an eager head prefect, than a headmaster.

Oh man. He is exactly the kind of dogmatic ideologue I´d feared.

I remember explaining to my mother that the world financial crisis was caused by the rampant neoliberal economic agenda, and that more of the same shit that caused the mess was not a solution but was exactly what National would advocate.

She looked at me blankly and, no doubt, voted National.

But it really stinks that this turd is representing us internationally. India, Brazil, and China, have all now pegged him as a clueless fuckwad – and us, by association. I mean, shit. Three economic powerhouses in the developing world, dealing with real shit, being lectured by a smug millionaire in the nominal first world, giving advice that is patently self-serving ideology at a remove from reality.

I haven´t really been following news, but more or less everything norightturn has mentioned National have done so far has seemed fairly awful to me.

Mandate, my ass.

But anyway. We of the dancing moose are now confirmed in our course. Which should prove very amusing. Watch this space. 🙂

2 Responses to “John Key reveals economic turdheadedness (on international stage, no less)”

  1.   tatjna
    November 25th, 2008 | 2:13 pm

    Just checking in to say hi and say “Hell yeah.” I agree with you. Wholeheartedly. And freely admit that I use your blog as a way of keeping up on such things..

  2.   Administrator
    November 27th, 2008 | 12:21 pm

    This is probably a pretty good resource for local politics, according to one of the folks I know who pays attention to such things….