The moose recently reread Alan Moore´s excellent graphic novel Watchmen.

It was really good. I think I got more out of it this time around, which impresses me; a lot of it is my own reading, now being maybe around the age Moore was when he wrote it rather than a wee moose; plus the familiarity meant I could pay a bit more attention to detail.

The reason I read it was the upcoming movie adaptation, which has famously been languishing for decades, amidst speculation as to the impossibility of filming it, as the storytelling makes much use of technical tricks which are only really possible in the comics form, and it is a complex and multi-levelled book.

Thing is, on rereading it, it is obvious a really good movie can be made from this. The source material is ridiculously strong. It will lose some depth and nuance, and the delivery will change – it will be by necessity a total adaptation between mediums rather than a straight transition from page to screen. But hell. Only an absolute retard could f**k it up.

(That said, they´ve given it to the retard that made 300, which was awful.)

In any case. Even if Hollywood f**ks it up, the graphic novel remains a brilliant piece of work, and well worth tracking down and reading, as a total watershed in the medium, and just a damn fine read.

[no mercy for john key]

Introducing an entire new category of blog posts: no mercy for john key.

We of the dancing moose have never had an antagonistic relationship to a local elected government while we have been blogging, but suspect that is all about to change.

We´ll see, anyway. 😛 I mean, we´ll give the smug git a fair go, but will show no fucking mercy, insofar as we pay any attention to the news, anyway.

So far, of note: Key announcing there will be No Roger Douglas in a ministerial capacity in a government he leads. Which is a sign of Key´s political sanity, as the architect of Rogernomics as a Minister would be pure unpalatable poison to the electorate. However, he seemed to drop some sort of hint that ACT´s Rodney Hide could end up with something economic related – and let´s face it, when you´re dealing with people as economically extreme as ACT, the idea of Douglas/any of them having any influence is a bit alarming – and they will exact some kind of toll for giving National the ability to govern.

It´s gonna be interesting times.

thoughts on improving the voting experience

Wandering off to vote today, it struck me to wonder: is there any law to say we can´t turn up to vote extremely drunk and dressed up as clowns?

(Incidentally, I enjoyed the look of consternation on the face of the National observer at the polling station when I rolled in wearing blue sunglasses, long hair and a foot long braided beard. I think she could sense my vote was going… elsewhere.

All part of the weird beauty of democracy.)


Unexpectedly the moose saw a little television last night. This, as you may have realised, happens rarely.

In any case, for the first time, we saw an ad for National.


John Key is an incredibly slimy artificial shyster.

That is all.

Destiny Church plan Destiny City in Auckland


Brian Tamaki announces plans for standalone community in South Auckland

Destiny Church is planning to create a holy city for its followers in the heart of South Auckland.

The church’s leader, Bishop Brian Tamaki has told supporters the plans are well advanced, and that donations for the project have topped $2.4 million

That crazy fucker has been quiet for a while, but man, he´s been planning. They claim to have land optioned in the centre of Auckland, and are encouraging all 7000 church members to sell their homes, donate the money, and move to the holy city.

Tamaki told his parishioners the city will hold a church to seat 5000, maraes, medical centres and schools, so his parishioners never have to leave.

“Every child of every member of this church will never go to a state school again,” says Tamaki.

Crikey. Won´t that just make for a wonderful social outcome.

More information here and here. It´s well worth reading. (And more (denying it will be a ¨walled city¨) and more (Destiny about to become an Urban Maori Authority, and able to get millions from the government.))

In the weirdest way, I can kind of support what they are doing. Band together with like-minded people and live how you want on your own land. Shit, I´m leaning that way, long term. Democracy allows for this.

Somehow, it just seems alarming when it´s Tamaki, and it´s all a bit cult like, messianic and apocalyptic. Hippies are unlikely to launch a war of purification on their neighbours, after all.

(hat tip to Warren Ellis, you evil old bastard)

One down, one to go

President Elect Obama.

Well, that feels good.

Roll on January 20, so we never need to see Bush´s face again, unless we are defecating on its image/throwing darts at it/practicing voodoo.

Now, let us pray sanity prevails in the NZ elections, too…

on the US election

Have maintained radio silence on such matters over the past few months in my media blackout while writing, but here on election eve, inspired by Morgue´s post, here is what I blogged last US election eve, back when the moose was just limbering up:

Dear America

If George W Bush continues as your President after this election, by whatever means, you are no longer the leader of the free world.

Goodnight, America.

Four years later, that reads true. Take, for instance, the latest Michael Ventura column, where, in his analysis of the fallout from the economic crisis, he noted that US moves to nationalise major banks were forced by Europe doing so first, and that Europe intends to make changes to the world economy – ¨a new economic order¨ – America is invited to come to the meeting, but the meeting is happening anyway.

America has lost most of its moral authority as a result of Bush´s foreign policy. Force of arms keeps the wolves at bay. That is all. No one is now willing to join misguided, stupid American-led wars. There are no future coalitions of the willing. America has lost the sympathy garnered by the events of 9-11.

So, anyway. What of this election eve?

Obama will win. He has the most money. In the corrupt, broken version of democracy practiced in America, the guy with the most money virtually always wins. He is also ahead in every poll, and yeah, after the disaster of Bush, anyone promising change would win.

What if a miracle/election fraud happens, and McCain wins? Scary shit. McCain, actually, is not such a bad guy. I remember rooting for him vs Bush back in 00 (was it 00, or 04?) in the primaries, because he was the sanest and most human Republican standing. But the odds of McCain dying in office are fair, and the prospect of President Palin is inconceivable.

But anyway. So Obama wins. Yay. Better than the alternative. (And why in F**k is there only one alternative? More Than Two, people.) But so what?

The Democrats have held the House for two years and been thoroughly spineless.

One man can do only so much. (Bush, incidentally, was not one man. Bush was the figurehead of an organised putsch, a long term commitment by a powerful band of neo-cons – Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, PNAC et al, and a whole lot of money behind it.)(Even more incidentally, who is Obama´s cabal? What´s their agenda?)

The problems facing America and the world – the real stuff that needs addressing – runs deep and often systemic. Economic reform, political reform, foreign policy reform (which realistically means military reform, and ain´t that just a can of worms). And it would be nice if all that crazy Patriot Act shit got repealed, and all the steps towards fascism that were pushed through in the fear-crazed days of high terror alerts got removed, and the constitution got, y´know, respected.

So yeah. We of the dancing moose will be happy to see the Bush reign end, and wait with amusement to see how long it will take the hypocritical, incompetent fuckwit media who allowed his excesses by not doing their damn job and informing people, to turn on his memory and savage the corpse of the worst Presidency in living memory, if not ever.

And yeah, Obama is a positive step, in all sorts of symbolic ways – as we noted a few months back, electing a black man just four decades after segregation is a potent reminder of what makes America great. But hell. There is so much to be done to ready America – and the world, frankly – for what is coming. Just unfucking what the last 8 years of rampant ideological lunacy has fucked up will be a heroic effort – and there is so much beyond that which needs doing, literally changing the face of civilisation as we know it to come into line with a sustainable way of living on this planet. And as yet, we have not seen enough to convince us that Obama is the dude to do it.

But there is hope, at least. And I really hope to be pleasantly surprised.

[Of course, fundamentally, the task ahead of the human race – dealing with overpopulation, poverty, water scarcity, energy crisis, environmental crisis, and how to live with the fact we have different ideas about what is real and important – is actually up to all of us. Not just pushing it off on a figurehead. So maybe Obama could become the figurehead of a groundswell – he does not create the movement, he simply rides it – and, worldwide, it is people who are that movement.]

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