a change is as good as a holiday

So the obvious break from an intensive period of disciplined writing and thinking is to go to a 24-hour movie marathon, stagger around in the sun, and then sleeeep. This year I made it through without any caffeine, which amazes me a little, only fading in and out a little during the boring/slow/crap 2nd to last film. They are definitely getting easier. I reckon the sprinkling of pre-showings of new releases makes the difference. Even if they are uninteresting and crap, their pacing and sensibility makes it more tolerable, whereas an uninteresting and crap movie from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, say, is usually painful. Though as a purist, I reckon they should bring the carnage.

Joey has a useful run down of what showed with added youtubey goodness.

Here are random comments on all of the movies shown.

King Dinosaur: nuking shit is the definition of civilisation for 50’s scientist-heroes.
The Taking of Pelham 123: excellent. see the original before they remake it.
Role Models: patchy but enjoyable comedy. amazing how there is such a clear Formula for modern comedy.
Ninja Turf: lots of action, crude yet amusing attempts at character and plot. 80’s fun.
Krull: way better than I remember, way better on the big screen, still not much good. film is just not the medium for fantasy.
Dying Breed: modern horror can be really fucking lame and pointless.
Vigilante: the vigilante point of view is really tempting; so are checks and balances to prevent atrocity. basically, life would be simpler if people weren’t dicks.
The Time Machine: in the far future, everyone will be blond, beautiful, and stupid. actually, you can kind of see the selection pressure for that, can´t you? anyway: this was like the original adaptation, and actually pretty awesome.
Torture Garden: you can grab a camera and your camp gay friends who can´t act and shitty costumes and make a better movie than this. far beyond awful.
Ruins: horror for american teens – amazing how that is a genre in itself. takes a remarkably stupid idea and does pretty well with it, considering. startlingly nasty.
The Last Dragon: 80´s motown kung-fu comedy. um. yeah. that’s what it was. fine for one of them.
a reel of some Godzilla movie: you really do only need to see the climactic fight scene in any godzilla movie.
Moonshiner’s Daughter: uniquely ineptly made black and white early 1960´s “drugs and people involved in crime are bad and evil so you’d best avoid them or die” movie with more narration than dialogue, and as much random scenery as footage of the actors.
The Road Warrior: actually a good film on the big screen.

Right. Back to the writing.

2 Responses to “a change is as good as a holiday”

  1.   R-bot
    December 18th, 2008 | 2:42 pm

    I went to my first marathon in Auckland the other weekend. I however powered through the caffeine, and only really slept through King Dinosaurs lizard on lizard action. We got through pretty much the same line up, but instead of The Taking of Pelham 123, Vigilante, Torture Garden, we got Lady in a Cage, Desperate Living and Mr. Mikes Mondo Video. A tasteful thriller, a sleazy romp and a random pythonesque show. Oh, and we also saw Short Eyes, a creepy paedo-in-prison movie.
    The Last Dragon was good for me, because I was convinced Sho’ Nuf was played by Busta Rhymes. Moonshiners Womans editing was so bad it became funny. Ninja Turfs dubbing was its redeeming quality. Ruins made me jump, Dying Breed didn’t. Role Models made me laugh and I actually enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I was depressed and it was a nice escape, or maybe because of that wacky little black kid who got to swear a lot. Finally, Road Warrior was Road Warrior. In sepia tint.
    I had never watched 14 films in a row before. I want to do it again.

  2.   Administrator
    December 18th, 2008 | 4:57 pm

    Ha ha. “One of us, one of us.” (Sign of attending too many marathons.)

    Desperate Living! Awesome, man. I love that movie, it would be a total riot on the big screen. (OMG, the huge black naked lesbian nurse scene would have been huger and more disturbing!)