John Key´s A Donkey (part three) – Country mix

Here is the third installment in the John Key’s a Donkey Project.

This time out, the genre du jour is country. Actually, it’s probably fairly blues tinged, too. But what the hell. I don’t know nothing about either genre.

All these were recorded before all this neo-fascist bullshit-urgency fire-at-will-bill showing of National’s true colours, by the way. (Which is another way of saying I’m much better at the recording process now than these tracks would reveal :P)

But yeah. John Key’s a Donkey – Country mix is up over at the tinekaamos myspace page. It is short and sweet, clocking in about a minute thirty, and is a poignant country lament for the nation after electing a donkey Prime Minister. And probably way easier going than the last installment 😉

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