Review: Chinese Democracy (Guns´n´Roses)

So, perhaps inevitably, I bought it. Finally found a use for the Borders vouchers my brother gave me, and I think he would have approved.

Anyway. It´s really really good. No filler. A bunch of really well constructed and performed songs. Heavily produced – everything is in its place – but doesn’t feel over-produced/sterile/artificial about it. Most tracks are pretty much instantly appealing, which is unusual for my experience of music. Amazing vocal performance throughout.

Strangely lacking in the lyrical department. Seems Axl’s got some gunge to work through rather than wider insight, though there are flashes of brilliance, and his trademark attitude is in evidence. We’ll see. Maybe some meaning will grow on me.

So far, Better is the unearthly catchy track, being stuck in brain after a bare handful of listens. (I’ve only listened to the album three times so far, and it has been in my head for weeks.)

On the whole, it is a really diverse mix of sounds, styles and moods, and bears no real resemblance to any prior GnR release. But then there is no reason it should. Most people´s problems with it would probably be solved by it being released as The Axl Rose Experience. But people who can´t see past the name to the music are twats. Cos the music is good. If anyone else released this under normal circumstances it would be acclaimed as the new Tool or something.

One Response to “Review: Chinese Democracy (Guns´n´Roses)”

  1.   Bruce
    December 23rd, 2008 | 4:07 pm

    It’s good. Very good. I wasn’t going to put it in the top10 for the year, but given how it’s been dissed by all (simon sweetman excepted!) i’m putting it in. More people should hear this album…