the year that was

It has been an intense and unusual year, with much change. Selected stuff I did/that happened this year:

– watched my brother die
It is only in the past month or two that the full dimensions of the loss have become apparent to me. On reflection, I can see how withdrawn I became after his death. Haven’t seen much of anyone this year.

– filmed a documentary
A thoroughly demented experience. Dissatisfied with the post-production progress. Would have liked to be done by now. Ain’t nowhere near.

– moved house four times
Stability for 6 months now!

– This Charming Mystery broke up
The timing of this was particularly heartbreaking, occurring just when we had three gigs booked on Saturday nights at Happy, Bodega, and Mighty Mighty, playing support to good bands, and it seemed we were just about to start getting somewhere after a year getting good and playing a handful of underground gigs. (Download us free here.) It’s a shame we couldn’t hold it together.
Ach. I miss being in a band.

– wrote a bunch of songs and played them live, solo
Something I needed to do in my process as a “musician”.

– wrote two drafts of the non-fiction book
What has eaten the last six months. The most hardcore intensive process of my life. Awesome.

– learned how to do home recording; recorded some random as songs
Hahaha. Fun.

– read fantasy
Partly a way of taking a vacation in another world, but also a pleasure to rediscover fantasy as an adult, and find stuff that is satisfying as an adult. (Steven Erikson: recommended.) Though there are limits. Oh yes.

– went on outward bound
Did a bunch of shit out of my zone, and learned some useful stuff about the limits of my body.

– started capoeira
Amazing how much your arse hurts the first time.

Looking back is like a time warp. This was one year? Even six months ago feels like another life.

I feel different.

One Response to “the year that was”

  1.   2trees
    January 7th, 2009 | 11:04 pm

    sounds like the year was one to discover yourself bro. Like that in a year. Peace for 2009.