an onamatopaeia for the feeling where your brain is worn and you feel the need to expand beyond your skin and current habits and emerge anew gleaming and free

This week was, I think, the most intense I have ever experienced, writing-wise.

This book is… heavy.

the great wakkorotti

Once upon a time this was pretty much the funniest thing ever.

No one voted for this

I was actually feeling a bit bad about the donkey-lashing that had been going on here lately. Maybe I was being a bit hard on John Key. After all, he hadn´t done anything too overtly evil yet.

But this is fucking ridiculous.

Sitting parliament under urgency – they will sit until the bills are passed – for bills that are not yet written, named, or even really defined? There is no justification for this sort of behaviour. It is seriously fucking scary in a democracy. It´s like discovering that not only is your mild-mannered, freshly pressed date a rapist who has already drugged you, but that they´re really into stabbing you in the kidneys with a rusty corkscrew while they ream your ass.

It´s like they´ve just totally lost their heads in a power mad rush of blood to their cocks, realising they can live out all their despicable authoritarian power fantasies.

No one voted for this. National never really announced what they were planning to do clearly – and now, even as the laws are being written, parliament won´t even know what they are voting on. This is not the behaviour of a transparent honest government. This is the behaviour of a sneaky, dishonest government, whose agenda cannot stand up to the scrutiny of the populace.

No one voted for this. I´m amazed how much it feels like we´re suddenly back in the Dark Ages under National.

Suddenly the lyrics to the Matilda mix of John Key´s a Donkey seem alarmingly prescient:

Once a lovely country was fooled at election time
By a heartless PR company
Who spun and they lied as they manipulated us
Hiding that John Key had no policy

John Key´s a donkey, John Key´s a donkey
He could only be more smug if he was an Aussie
He´ll sell off our all assets in the name of private enterprise
Because John Key´s a donkey, you´ll see

He teamed up with ACT who are not know for sanity
And will take the Maori down with him
And anyway Peter Dunne will go to bed with anyone
And John Key´s a donkey is a fine ass

John Key´s a donkey, John Key´s a donkey
A slimy lying douchebag, made millions in property
He´ll enslave us to Rogernomics plus and fail to save the environment
Because John Key´s a donkey, you see

He would like to rule alone, as an FPP dictatorship
Forced into coalition one two three
There seems little hope they will temper his empty hubris
Because John Key´s a donkey, a donkey is he.

John Key´s a donkey, John Key´s a donkey
Thinks he´s Obama but he´s a honky
He´ll break any promises and call it an emergency
Because John Key´s a donkey, you´ll see

And while we watch and we cringe and we stare as his ego grows
Let us pray his head explodes
before he privatises life in the name of ideology
Because that´s what donkeys fucking do.

John Key´s a donkey, John Key´s a donkey
It would only be worse if he was a zombie
Eating all our brains and chewing on our intestines
Because John Key´s a donkey…a donkey is he.
[emphasis added]

Fuck this government.

hope in zarathustra

To get the full effect, you need to imagine this post appearing slowly to Strauss´ ´Thus Spake Zarathustra´.

This is one of those odd light ball things along the waterfront in Wellington.

But wait! What´s that?

Somehow this seems all symbolic and hopeful. Life finds a way, and will do what it does, regardless of our best efforts to fuck it up. Or something.

(Oh, and it is really nice having a digital camera. For those who recall, I was fairly into taking photos a few years back, and this virtually unlimited capacity lark is fantabulous.)

John Key´s a Donkey (part two) – Matilda mix

Is now up, along with the lyrics, over at the tinekaamos myspace page. (Actually, given how unrelated this stuff is to the music I´m actually making under that name, maybe I should create a separate thing for this. Oh well.)

This is fairly ludicrous, and maybe a touch vicious and offensive, but probably pretty funny. Basically, John Key´s a Donkey – Matilda mix is an a capella ode to the coalition forming process and its prospects… along with a savage dissing of John Key´s donkeyness, all to the tune of Waltzing Matilda. Sure to be a nationwide hit. Yuss.

Features a number of soon to be immortal lines. Any overt lyrical weirdness is due to making it fit the form of Waltzing Matilda.

blink. blink.

This rewriting gig is messing with my sense of time and space a bit.

f o c u s

wrote a letter

Wrote a letter to the donkey the other day while I had access to a ´pooter with a printer.

Went for my first ocean swim of the season today. Invigorating.

Rewriting, hence lack of much to say in blogland.

Auckland Fucking City

Online culture magazine (or whatever) Auckland Fucking City has, in its second issue, among other effluvium, an exclusive ¨interview¨ with John Key.

All in all they seem like rabid sewer dwelling haters with a sense of humour, who happen to be stuck in Auckland. They´re aiming to come out weekly for the next six months, dragging the waters of our largest cesspool.

(ta to J, our tip off txter)

Unrelatedly: day time tv! OMFG it is like soul dissolvingly caustic.

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