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Never Get Busted Again screening

On Monday 2nd March there is a free screening of Never Get Busted Again at the Cross at 7:30pm.

Never Get Busted Again is a film made by an ex-US Drug Enforcement Agency agent, who was horrified with the drug laws in the USA – specifically those around property seizure, and unreasonable sentencing – and came to question the whole issues surrounding the legality of various substances and the best way to deal with the problem. So he made a documentary explaining how to avoid being busted for drugs. (It caused quite a stink at the time – we blogged it back in Dec 2006 – as the regime did not want this information getting out).

So yeah. Bound to be of interest to some readers, and useful information for friends of, let’s face it, everyone.

Review: Iron Maiden, live

Short review: best gig ever.

Longer review:

OMFG. Best gig ever.

Actual review:

Best gig ever.

I mean, I was always going to love this gig. I have too much history with the music and love for the thing that they do, the integrity they do it with, and the whole demented escapist lark of it all. And they were playing exclusively old stuff from the generally acknowledged greatest period of the band, with full stage set, the reunited ultimate line-up, etc. After driving up listening to the first 8 albums in order and singing myself hoarse, which was a whole load of flashbacks in itself, the real question seemed to be could it possibly live up to the hype and expectation?

Hell yeah.

Maiden are, and have always been, all about being a kick-ass live band. It is what made them in the first place, and they have retained a relentless touring ethic throughout the past three decades. (Heh. Apparently they just won the Best Live Act at the 09 Brit Awards.) They are incredibly goddamn good at what they do, and are clearly having a shit-tonne of fun doing it. (By contrast, when I saw KISS last year they were tired, going through the motions of stadium rock greatness, and a bit creaky, old and ringing false.)


They played Rime of the Ancient Mariner. They played Phantom of the Opera. They played Children of the Damned. These are awesome songs I never expected to see live even if I somehow got to see Maiden.

HOLY FUCK, THEY PLAYED RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER! I mean, that alone is worth shitting a kitten over. (For those of you who don’t know Maiden, and are for some reason still reading, it is a 13 minutes long adaptation of Coleridge, epic as all fuck, and the third movement as captured on Live After Death is one of my favourite pieces of music ever.)

They also played Aces High, Wrathchild, Two Minutes to Midnight, The Trooper, Wasted Years, Powerslave, Run To The Hills, Fear of the Dark, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Iron Maiden; with an encore of The Number of the Beast, The Evil That Men Do, and Sanctuary. (Possibly something else too, they were on for a couple of hours.)

Ah, hell. Words can’t do this sort of thing justice. You had to see the light in people’s eyes after the gig. It was unique. It is something else entirely to genuinely know and love every song being played and experience a ridiculously awesome show. It was an immense happy making experience, and something I am very grateful to have experienced. I hope everyone loves a band this much, and gets to see them live sometime.

the demi-god Bruce Dickinson

Oh, and I bought an Iron Maiden shirt for the first time in a decade or so, the NZ tour edition with Eddie as an All Black with a ferocious sheep under his arm. \m/

"Guilt by association" protest

The “guilt by association” internet hobbling copyright law goes into law at the end of the month unless the government revokes it – we mentioned this a couple of months back. Creative Freedom NZ have organised a protest tomorrow (Thursday 19th) at Parliament.

If you like your internet free, show up. Wear bright colours, bring black placards.

Just while we’re on theme: the Pirate Bay, the world’s largest bit-torrent tracker, is currently on trial. The way this case turns will have enormous implications on the future of file sharing, and the general operation of the internet… though the early signs are good, with the prosecution dropping many of the charges.


Doco has encountered technical difficulties. Surmountable but all is on hold for at least three weeks. Meep.
Although it will be nice to have some breathing space between epic commitments.

Time for some realignment.


Anyone up for a road trip to see Iron Maiden in Auckland?

comments fubar

Comments may be a bit fubarred for the next little while. For some reason the moderation.php file won’t open, so if you post a comment and it doesn’t appear, it will be stuck in limbo. OTOH, if you have had a comment posted successfully in the past, then if you fill out the comments form with the same details, it should remember you and commenting should be fine.


Kiwiburn was awesome, and very different, at least in my experience of it, than previous years. A lot less intense and crazy, and a lot more chilled out, though the crazy was certainly there if you wanted it. Still really awesome and pleasant, with a whole bunch of really excellent people.

I like the term “annual rejuvenation of the soul” to describe burning. I feel good, and maybe the most relaxed I’ve felt in ages. Something I realised was how little downtime I have. Despite being “unemployed”, I have been really busy with a bunch of projects for a long long time, and don’t tend to take days off from the various processes. So just actually relaxing was quite revelatory.


Holy shit.

Off to Kiwiburn tomorrow morning. So many contradictions. So much expectation and anticipation for an event which it is impossible to anticipate or know what to expect at. So much preparation for an event which cannot be prepared for. Both prior experiences have been that different from normal reality, so awesome and so intensely alive.

Oh man.

Meantime, there is much to be done before sleep. Will be offline for a few days. Peace. Take care.

on living as an experiment

Bucky is still the most inspirational of dudes.