beyond awesomeness

Continuing an unexpected trend of wildly enthusiastic Iron Maiden related posts: it seems that the moose is now singing in an Iron Maiden tribute band.

Yeah, I know.

Completely randomly was asked earlier in the week. We had the first practice last night and it was utterly ridiculous amounts of fun. There was like a half dozen songs we were supposed to do, but it turned out everyone already basically knows tonnes of the songs, so we did maybe a dozen. Generally really well, as it turns out.

So yeah. This is basically totally awesome, yet also extremely daunting. Bruce has some serious pipes, and Maiden is the best band I have ever seen live. And the proposed set is ginormous. So we’ll see.

But basically, woooooooooooo yeah! 🙂

One Response to “beyond awesomeness”

  1.   Tu&Tv
    March 17th, 2009 | 7:13 am

    After your Iron Maiden rush recently i have found that Mike Giant has some Eddie prints for sale – might be of interest ? –