The Sari Soldiers

Saw this today at the DocNZ fest. It follows six women on various sides of the conflict in the Nepalese civil war over a number of years, and is really amazing.

Civil war seems messier and more awful than most things. The film deals really well with the complexity of the situation, and the story, as it unfolds, is by turns mind-blowing and heartbreaking, following soldiers, rebels, a mother searching for her disappeared daughter, the lawyer helping her, democracy activists, and peasants. And again, spread over many years, the tale takes many turns, and as the civil war comes to an end after nine years, the pieces fall in stunning fashion.

Unfortunately it is not showing again. (Bugger. Half the idea of blogging it was to tell people to go see the next screening. Oh well. It’ll probably turn up someday in some form.) If you ever get the chance, see it. Definitely one of the best docos I have seen.

One Response to “The Sari Soldiers”

  1. March 24th, 2009 | 6:15 am

    Thank you! I hope it will be coming back to New Zealand again- either for broadcast or in other screening venues. Thanks for spreading the word, and we plan to have the film available for home DVD by the end of this year as well!
    – Julie