John Key's a Donkey (part four) – Reggae

Still not following the news, but the little that is filtering through to me about what National is doing under the donkey is all pretty damn awful.

Since we last posted, National has been slashing government ministries for education, environment, and social development, shitting on environmental policy, moving towards privatising ACC for no reason other than to turn it into a pork barrel for millionaire ass-buddies, acting like building a cycleway the length of the country achieves anything (though hell, maybe this is an exceptionally forward looking post-peak oil move… 😛 ), privatising prisons, generally dicking over women and workers… well, hell, it is an entire litany of far right wing ideological psychosis, that, as ever, no one actually voted for. (No right turn has a solid run down.)

And frankly, it fucking sucks. I mean, is there any good being done here?

So here is another installment in the John Key’s a Donkey project – quite possibly the last, since the moose no longer has an external sound card. This was recorded before Christmas last year. The improvised style du jour is loosely reggae. The moose doesn’t really listen to reggae. So it goes.

It can be found over on the tinekaamos myspace page. Enjoy the last of the summer with this sweet hilarious ragga lament.

stuff i saw at the fringe

Actually managed to get to some stuff at the Fringe this year. Recording for whatever sake.

Faust: Chroma

Saw a poster. The image was a stark white faced woman in quasi Nazi uniform shirt and hat looking just weird. Went to see the play.

It was demented and brilliant. A total visual and energetic overload, creatively delivered, great set design, philosophically fascinating – all about identity and reality and whatnot – great prepared piano music throughout.

The Little Theater Company specialise in European plays. This was about Gustaf Grundgens, the greatest German actor of his time, who quit to go and live, went to Manila and promptly died. The play starts in Manila with him hallucinating on his deathbed and revisits aspects of his life. His most famous role was Mephisto in Faust, and the first scene involves the film being played silently on a gauzy screen behind which he as Faust and Mephisto act out that scene, occasionally alternating roles. It doesn’t get much less relentless than that at any point.

Ah, heck, all in all an awesome piece of theatre.

The Navigators

The circus folks from previous years return to the waterfront with a new show. Included much more acting and narrative elements this year, which while an interesting departure were not entirely successful, but the actual circus elements were as ever astounding.

The Intricate Art of Actually Caring

Two man play performed in the author’s bedroom. Clever, funny, interesting and inventive. Broadly details a road-trip to visit Baxter’s grave at Jerusalem, but is more about attempting to make sense of life. Really enjoyable, and kind of exactly what I want out of the fringe.

The guy is young but honest and has a definite future. He won the Chapman Tripp last year for best playwright, and this won Best Theatre at the Fringe.

In the Night, All the Cats are Grey

Seven piece band in creature costumes make music. Pleasant lo-fi randomness by friends.

But anyway. Was good to get out a little and actually engage with some of the culture on offer. Oddly, both the plays I saw were quite inspiring for the freedom they evoked as possible in that medium, and set part of the moose’s brain a thinking.

Oi, richard.

This is the Iron Maiden 2009 NZ tour shirt I bought.

It is all class.


Wandered down to see it at my local this morning.

It was actually really pretty good as a movie. Slavish attention to detail. Would be interested to know what anyone unfamiliar with the original would make of it, as it is really dense. A few things of necessity omitted, the notable one for me being part of Rorsharch’s backstory which makes him make more sense.

But on the whole, the source material is ridiculously strong, and it will fly as a movie based on the faithfulness of the adaptation. There is enough here that has not been seen before on the screen.

And only one major change.



That was that week.


I have spent a lot of time lately looking out the lounge window.

You should come around for a cup of tea.


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