some random Leary quotes

Psychedelic Salon have uploaded a bunch more Leary podcasts since I last checked in. Here are some of the quotes that leapt out while skimming the site.

“I have one cause, and that’s the goal of the performing philosopher, is to encourage you, and inspire you, and empower you, to the extent I can, to Think for Yourself and Question Authority.”

“When I say think for yourself, I don’t mean think selfishly for yourself. I mean think independently.”

“If you’re going to think for yourself, you gotta learn to think clearly.”

“The person who thinks for herself or himself has to have a sense of humility, and of modesty, and of relativity because you have to realize that I’m thinking for myself, but hopefully you are too, and you’re bound to come out with something a little different from me. So there has to be an ability to listen, compassion, plus the modesty. No matter how smart we are there’s a lot we aren’t going to be able to figure out tonight.”

“The problem with drugs is that stupid people use drugs stupidly.”

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