and a special hello to US Military readers

Back when we were blogging a lot of political/underground/fringe stuff, we had a pretty regular hit-count from the US Military. It ran at a stable level across the months, like we were being monitored, rather than they were tracking individual items. The attention seemed to drop away a little once the shift in content was more established; or maybe they got lost in the spam, and the spam killing measures that quartered traffic a month or so back has revealed them again.

This is last month’s site traffic by origin.

site usage march 2009

Fully 1% of all site traffic was “US Military”. How bizarre.

(I guess maybe they noticed the thing about the organics last month.)

Just while we are on the US Military, check this out: the testimony of Spc Brandon Neely, a straight up country boy from the USA who enlisted in the army, graduated in 2001, and ended up at Guantanomo Bay as an MP. His testimony is in response to being generally horrified by what was going on, and is fascinating, if brutal, reading.

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