gave a talk

Last night I gave talk about my non-fiction book to the Society for the Study of Consciousness at Victoria University. It seemed to go over pretty well, which is a relief, since it is the first time I have presented the material as a talk, and the first time I have gotten feedback from anyone about the actual content, as my first readers are still heroically toiling on and yet to get back to me… In any case the response was overwhelmingly positive, which is good given the somewhat challenging nature of the material, and the condensing of an already condensed huge volume of information into a spoken format rather than written.

The talk only covered the first few chapters, which is the material which overlaps best with the SSC’s area of interest, so a certain proportion of the book remains un-road-tested, so to speak, but it is reassuring that it seems to hold up well, since the rest follows on from the start…

It was fun to do, which is oddly reassuring, and seemed reasonably natural and straightforward as a process, and a role, which is interesting. But anyway: I know this stuff, and can talk about it. Yay. I think that is all there is to say, really. Yay. A wee milestone.

One Response to “gave a talk”

  1.   bruce
    May 20th, 2009 | 4:08 pm

    Speaking, writing, singing, editing, you are becoming quite the multimedia superstar!

    Well done 🙂

    Friend of mine is friends with Douglas Rushkoff, who I have met a few times. Apparently the books are “loss leaders” that establish him as a media personality, and he goes from there…