hyper-reality melting or something

Here is some stuff I read on the internet today.

China is trying to be less dependent on harvesting organs from prisoners, (while incidentally admitting that they do kill people and take their organs).

China is trying to move away from the use of executed prisoners as the major source of organs for transplants.

According to the China Daily newspaper, executed prisoners currently provide two-thirds of all transplant organs.

Musing on the planet as a hard-drive.

A couple from Cryptogon: Birth control vaccine patent, and a bill to give the US President power to pull parts of the internet in an emegency.

The fallacy of climate change – arguing that soft-peddling the doom, and holding off from engaging with the utter life change that is required to adjust our unsustainable lives to something sustainable, is really limiting the climate movement’s effectiveness. (Man, even the Pope is saying Creation is under threat.)

and finally, John Key is to whore NZ tourism on the Late Show with Dave Letterman. He will apparently present a top ten list. Clearly a symptom of the dissolution of hyper-reality.

Maybe I should just stop reading stuff on the internet. Oh, wait, I’ve been here before…

One Response to “hyper-reality melting or something”

  1.   bruce
    August 30th, 2009 | 10:57 pm

    Planet as a hard drive…

    I was thinking last night about Rudy Rucker’s The LIfebox, Seashell, and the Soul, which is mostly about viewing everything as computation. (neglecting a couple of fundamental axiomatic problems, imho) everything, all existence, can be viewed as computation, and some of Stephen Wolfram’s work (if I am understanding this all correctly) suggests that, hmm, I forget the jargon, but that there are heaps of natural systems out there which “are” universal computers, which means then can emulate any other computing system, which means, I was thinking last night, that information is effectively infinitely dense (and varied). So in response to planet as a hard drive, I would say, yes, it already is, and one can extract many many many different data sets DEPENDING ON THE DECODING scheme. This applies also to our day to day lives– in pursuit of our goals, it makes as much sense to try to change the way we filter and interpret the data around us as it does to try to actually change the physical world.