global wake up

Went along to the Avaaz flashmob on Monday. (If I ever work out how to get photos of my new phone, there are pictures… :)) They were coordinating a worldwide climate action wake up call to world leaders. The results were pretty successful, garnering “more than 2600 events in 135 countries across the globe.” This is a video culled from the demonstrations.

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Heartening that actually there are people all over the world who get it and willing to do something, however minimal, about it. Also interesting as a sort of dry run for the 350 day of action on 24 October, as this was way more spontaneous, and 350 has way more organising behind it…

In general it seems to me that if the Copenhagen talks fail to come up with global measures to ensure our survival by reducing emissions to a sustainable level, then our current social organisation modes of capitalism and democracy will have demonstrably failed, effectively proving they are maladapted to coping with the present environment and world situation, and therefore will need replacing.

2 Responses to “global wake up”

  1.   Rimu
    September 27th, 2009 | 7:08 pm

    It’s not really just capitalism and democracy that will have failed. It’s the entire modernist paradigm that’s got big problems – the idea that we are separate from nature & that we can dictate to nature how things are going to be is at the root of the symptoms that are showing themselves in the form of climate change, resource depletion, species extinction, etc etc etc

  2. December 23rd, 2009 | 1:02 pm

    […] Thus our current social organising systems and structures – democracy and capitalism – have demonstrated they are maladapted to the present environmental context we face. I called this a few months ago, and stand by it. […]