Make a submission on the Climate Change Response Bill

The Climate Change Response (Moderated Emissions Trading) Amendment Bill 85-1 (2009) is about to go into select committee. Submissions to the select committee are due by Oct 13.

Under National, the bill effectively seems to involve the public subsidising polluters to the tune of $2 billion/year until 2030, and not doing much that is effective about climate change. This is pretty shit, really, and worth opposing.

Thus it seems well worth every environment/sanity/survival of the species inclined person in the country to submit to this select committee. IN our legal and government system, submissions to the select committee are probably, pound for pound, the most relevant and effective political action one can take.

You can download the bill here.

You can make an online submission here. This is pretty darn easy.

Advice on making submissions is here.

If you want some ideas about what specific things to say, here is one example, and the greens have some ideas here. On the whole it would probably be better if it was put in your own words rather than cut’n’paste, though.

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