accelerating accelerating change

Has been a strange year. One long transition process which is now curving upward dramatically. Time for new habits. New goals and new processes to realise them. A reorganisation of mental architecture and patterns of behaviour. Making plans for the first time… kind of ever, is a strange, acute, angular, and, most importantly, ongoing process.

I suspect the foreseeable future is going to be very busy.


The original vision for this site, back in those dreamy days of 2005, was for a much more elaborate website, not just a blog. That never really happened, and I can’t justify keeping the domain and hosting going just to maintain a wee blog. So this website will likely vanish soon. (Unless someone wants to a) pay for hosting or b) provide hosting/mirror the site somewhere. It would be nice if the content remained available somewhere.) I can presumably set up a free blog somewhere if the urge takes me, and I imagine there will be some kind of ongoing web presence.

Blogging has been an interesting process – an oddly public thinking room. Thanks to those of you who have stayed the course, or even dropped in and out. I hope you got something out of it. Thanks for the comments and discussion – and apologies to those lost in the ongoing comments fubar (approx 10000 messages in moderation that I can’t access… *most* of it is spam…!)

So anyway, if there is any content you want to rip, get to it.


Code Geass season two was brilliant. Was really not sure what to make of it after the first few episodes, which seemed to be about recapitulating the previous season and trying to preserve a status quo, but man, then it delivers, and delivers, and delivers, and ends. Overall, really awesome, and highly recommended. (And, strangely, I have no inclination to explore further into anime at this point.)


Final obsessive reading update for the year:

Signs of Life – M John Harrison
Amazing writer. A difficult novel to describe without spoilers, other than to say it is like what Iain Banks would be if he was any good.

The Brain That Changes Itself – Norman Doidge.
Neuroplasticity a go go. Research for me. Fun and easy to read for a general audience, too.

Have just started Genius of the Beast: Reinventing Capitalism by Howard Bloom. Bloom is, I think, the only living writer whose stuff I am buying in hardback as soon as it is released. So: exciting for me. Energetic polymath brilliance. Too soon to tell what I make of it, but it is guaranteed to be an interesting ride.


End of the decade? Weird. The fact seems irrelevant as the days clock over. Clearly it only has meaning in our heads. While meaning has no necessary relation to fact, it is meaning we act on. So let us hope we make of this meaning a fresh start, a new beginning, a conscious step on a conscious path of betterment, to bring balance and abundance, joy and spirit to our lives, and that of the world.

2 Responses to “accelerating accelerating change”

  1.   Joel Pitt
    December 31st, 2009 | 1:29 pm

    I can host your site on my WordPress Mu instance

    (It has my blog and and many others)

    I can make a subdomain point to your blog if you don’t want to pay for a domain.


    (I have some other primary domains you could choose from too)

  2.   bruce
    January 7th, 2010 | 10:55 am

    i love your blog, sorry to hear it might be going away– fwiw jeremy (cass’s boyfriend, you will be able to chat with him at kiwiburn) offered me free hosting, you could chat with him about it.

    that doesn’t do much for the time and energy and mindspace that the blog requires though, I understand if you want to shift elsewhere though I will sad to see the ungulate no longer undulate!