all sorts of randomness

So the random roadtrip was great. High point was hanging out with Ramsey Dukes. Surreal point was hanging out in the casino in Hamilton on Saturday night. One of the least fun places ever. Wellington is very lucky to remain free of such a pit. Listening to an Alan Moore spoken word performance while barreling through the night was also pretty choice.

There is a town called Eureka on the road between  Hamilton and Morrrinsville. It seems like they could turn their sign into a photo-op. We certainly made use of it.

I won muffins last night at a Fringe thing, The Deepest South Wayest Wildest West Electric Rodeo and Grand Ol’ Opry . Opening night was energetic, entertaining, and incoherent. I figure later iterations will be more together, and it is definitely a fun *show*. Beware of audience participation. Although you may win cakes.

My current couchsurfer is a Chinese artist called Mu. He is very talented and pretty fascinating. Last night we ended up hanging out with the dudes behind Manky Chops, which is one of the more interesting and vibrant artistic collectives around.

Mu is doing some stuff at Te Papa over the weekend, I’m not sure quite what. If anyone has a video camera spare we could borrow for any part of the weekend, he would be quite keen to get some kind of document of it…

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